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List Description
Accessibility General Accessibility List
Accessibility-atspi AT-SPI Committee
Accessibility-handlers Open A11y's Expert Handlers List
Accessibility-ia2 A11Y's IAccessible2 Committee
Accessibility-info [no description available]
Accessibility-io A11Y Input/Output Committee
Accessibility-kbd A11Y Keyboard Committee
Accessibility-RFC A11Y Request For Comments
automotive-announce Automotive Grade Linux
automotive-discussions Automotive Grade Linux Discussion List
automotive-eg-compliance Open Source Compliance Expert Group
automotive-eg-display Display Subsystems Expert Group
automotive-eg-distro Reference Distribution Expert Group
automotive-eg-docs Documentation Expert Group
automotive-eg-drm Digital Rights Management Expert Group
automotive-eg-governance AGL Governance and Processes Expert Group
automotive-eg-hmi Reference HMI Expert Group
automotive-eg-hw Reference Hardware Expert Group
automotive-eg-mm Multi Media Expert Group
automotive-eg-networking Automotive Networking Expert Group
automotive-eg-ota OTA/SW Configuration Expert Group
automotive-eg-reliability Reliability/Stability Expert Group
automotive-eg-rvi Remote Vehicle Interaction Expert Group
automotive-eg-security Security Expert Group
automotive-eg-tools Build Systems and Tooling Expert Group
automotive-eg-webrt Web Runtime and Middleware Expert Group
automotive-functional-safety Automotive Functional Safety
automotive-jp [no description available]
Automotive-members Automotive Grade Linux Members
automotive-rqmts AGL Requirements Management Project
automotive-sat AGL System Architecture Team
Automotive-testreports Test report from Jenkins, JTA and Lava for AGL
bitcoin-core-dev Bitcoin Core Discussion
bitcoin-dev Bitcoin Protocol Discussion
bitcoin-discuss Technical discussion of bitcoin, beyond bitcoin-dev
bitcoin-ml Bitcoin and related protocol coordination
Bitcoin-segwit2x Bitcoin SegWit2x network protocol upgrade working group
Bridge Linux Ethernet Bridging
Bugme-janitors administrators
Bugme-new [no description available]
cgl_discussion LF CGL-WG discussion mailing list.
Chaoss-discussions General discussions for the CHAOSS (Community Health Analytics for OSS) project
Chaoss-members Mailing list for CHOASS Board members
Chaoss-software CHAOSS software mailing list
Code-janitor-dev [no description available]
Containers Linux Containers
Cregit [no description available]
Dep-checker-dev [no description available]
Desktop_architects Desktop architectes
device-mainlining [no description available]
diamon-discuss DiaMon diagnostic and monitoring workgroup general discussions
dmi-discuss Debugger Machine Interface (DMI) discussions
dmi-workgroup Debugger Machine Interface (DMI) workgroup
Dtl_discussion Desktop Linux Discussion List
fastboot discussion of various fast-boot projects
fhs-discuss Filesystem Hierarchy Standard discussion
Foss-barcode Discussion for the FOSS Barcode tool
Fossology-devel FOSSology developers mailing list
Fsg-test-list Test List
Fuego Mailing list for the Fuego test framework
ha-wg High-Availability on Linux working group - general discussion
ha-wg-technical High-Availability on Linux working group - technical discussion
iommu Development issues for Linux IOMMU support
Ksummit-2011-discuss [no description available]
Ksummit-discuss [no description available]
lanana-discuss LANANA general discussion list
Lf_carrier Linux Foundation Carrier Grade Linux
lf_desktop Linux Foundation Desktop
Lf_driver_backport [no description available]
Lf_kernel_messages Adding translated messages for the kernel
Lf_virtualization [no description available]
Lfj-trans Collaborative translation team
Lightning-dev Development discussion of the Lightning Network Bitcoin Caching Layer
Linux-futures [no description available]
linux-pm Linux power management
LLVMLinux Compiling the Linux Kernel with Clang/LLVM
lsb-announce Announcements related to the Linux Standard Base (LSB) project
lsb-bugs LSB Bugzilla traffic
lsb-discuss Linux Standard Base (LSB) discussion
lsb-infrastructure Discussions about LSB infrastructure (DB, web systems, tests, specs, frameworks)
lsb-messages Automated messages
lsb-specauth [no description available]
Lsb-tsma [no description available]
LTSI-dev A list to discuss patches, development, and other things related to the LTSI project
Marist LF projects using the s390 at Marist
Netem Linux network emulator
Networkingmeetup Meetup Group Leaders
Openais Open SA Forum AIS Services mailing list
Openais-commits openais svn commit mail
OpenChain This is the OpenChain Project main mailing list
Openchain-japan-wg OpenChain Japan Workgroup
Openchain-Specification The OpenChain Specification Work Team
os_drivers Open Source Driver Strategies
Oss-health-metrics [no description available]
Oswomen Discussion area for women in the open source community.
p2patent-developer Community Patent Developer
packaging LSB Packaging discussion
patent-peerreview Patent Peer Review
Printing-architecture Printing architecture under linux
printing-discuss Meeting notes from our meetings (2001-2002)
printing-driver Discussion for the driver API subgroup
Printing-foomatic Discussion of Foomatic and
Printing-japan Japanese discussions on printing under Linux
printing-jobticket Discussions about the job ticket for printing under Linux
printing-meetingnotes Meeting notes from our meetings.
printing-spool Spool/Job/Queue API Discussion
Printing-summit Discussion related to the OpenPrinting Summit events
priorart-discuss OSS and USPTO prior art discussions
ras Reliable, Available, Serviceable
saf-open SAForum specification development
security_sig Security SIG
Sidechains-dev Development discussion list for Sidechains and chain features.
Tech-board-discuss Public TAB discussion
Virtualization Linux virtualization

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