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Alexander Surkov surkov.alexander at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 00:26:44 PDT 2008

Originally I look for the way how to make accessible MathML in Firefox, I
look for ideas and any experience in this field. I ran through expert
handlers pages and tried to catch general idea. Unfortunately I didn't find
any technical details how it should helps with MathML accessibility. So I'll
try to form some questions and in some cases I'll try to give my
understanding of this.

1) What is expert handlers?
It is the way to link the client software (like Firefox) and server software
(screen readers) in order to expose XML languages (like MathML) to server
software (make it accessible).

2) How does it look?
There is mediator that transforms information about XML language used on the
certain web page (in the case of web browser) into some XML structure (by
RDF/OWL usage). This XML structure should be exposed to AT (screen readers).
Here I can see two possible approaches: AT deals with XML structure or there
is another mediator that transform that XML structure to the certain AT API
calls (like IA2 or ATK).

If the item above makes sense then I have following up questions:
1) Why do we need the mediator and why do we need to use RDF/OWL? Doesn't AT
API allow to expose interested XML languages directly?
2) How should it look for accessible XML languages like HTML. Will something
be changed in their handling?

Thank you for advice.
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