[Accessibility-ia2] IA2 F2F at CSUN

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Also, back in the IA2 list archives I noticed that MikeSquillace would 
like to hear from anyone at the F2F interested in IAccessible2 support in 
Eclipse SWT/JFace or any other Eclipse projects as well as input on any 
tooling that would be most useful for IA2 enablement or support.

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[Accessibility-ia2] IA2 F2F at CSUN

We have a room allocated for an IA2 F2F at CSUN.  It's the Executive Suite 
on the 18th floor of the Marriott.  The time is from 10 to 11 on Wednesday 
the 12th. 

Please let me know if you will be attending and if you have a topic you'd 
like to discuss.  That will help me understand if space and time will be 

Mick Curran indicated he'd like to talk about the IA2 proxy DLL and 
windowless applications.  Mick's thoughts follow: 

One that has been apparent to me for a long time is the issue of the 
IAccessible2 client proxy DLL:  With IAccessible2's implementation in COM 
depending on this DLL, it makes it impossible for a true portable solution 
where both the AT and the app can be run portably off a USB flash drive or 
CD etc.  A use case would be where a user has a usb key with Firefox and 
Open Office etc, and also NVDA or another portable screen reader.  Another 
example is the Mozilla Live Access CD that was given out at CSUN last 
year.  If there was another one this year, it would be impossible to 
provide IAccessible2 support in NVDA on that CD, and therefore it would be 
quite pointless for NVDA to be included, as we mostly wish to show off 
NVDA with Firefox3. 

It may also be good to do a bit of hypothetical thinking, about a 
possibility where IAccessible2 wants to be implemented in to a "windowless 

It has been whispered around a bit that Mozilla Gecko 2 may become a 
windowless implementation, where it would assumably have one top level 
window, but nothing else. All the widgets would be  part of that one 
window, or at least that is how I understand it. 

If this were the case, it would become more important for IAccessible2 to 
have methods that could allow the finding out of particular relationships 
between any two objects (e.g. descendant of, before-in-tree, 
after-in-tree, isEqual) etc. Currently a lot of this logic is possible as 
there is still a window hierarchy. 

p.s. More info on the proxy DLL is at 
That article is a little incorrect as follows: 
Noone has yet provided a version of the DLL to share. 
Marcus von Appen provided files to build it on VS .NET 2003 and 2005. 
Those files are attached to 

Pete Brunet
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