[Accessibility] Accessibility conference call 04/16/03

Sharon D Snider snidersd at us.ibm.com
Mon Apr 14 14:00:35 PDT 2003

I will attend.

Sharon Snider
Linux Accessibility, and Information Development
IBM Linux Technology Services
(512) 838-4127, T/L 678-4127

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This agenda is bein sent out on behalf on Janina who is tied up today
in meetings.

Please RSVP via the list

Announcing the 16 April 2003 meeting of the Accessibility Workgroup

 Wednesday,  April 16  18:00 GMT
   --   20:00 CET  (Berlin)
   --   19:00 WET  (London)
   --   14:00 EDT  (New York)
   --   13:00 CDT  (Chicago)
   --   12:00 MDT  (Salt Lake City)
   --   11:00 PDT  (San Francisco)
   --   03:00 JST  (Tokyo) (04/17/03)

 Dial-in North America...800.664.6895
 Dial-in International...719.955.1126
 passcode................3 6 6 5 8 0


1. Welcome and review of the corrected minutes from our last meeting
    These minutes will be sent out later 04/14/03.

2. Ask for a volunteer scribe to record the minutes of this meeting.

3. Old Business

        a. Discuss and finalize our group's goal(s)/mission statement

        b. Continued Discussion (from our last 2 meetings) --
            How do we evaluate the GNOME (ATK) at-spi against our larger
             requirements (KDE, Console, etc).
            Other early steps, e.g. who can evaluate kernel-based AT
             opportunity/issues vis a vis an extended AT-SPI?

        c. Rolling up our sleeves: Devise short term plan of action
            and assign tasks/dates.

4. New Business
        a. Our Web page issues?
        b. freestandards.org accessibility evaluation

5. Next Meeting
    Set dates through May 7, if possible

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