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Scott McNeil mcneil at freestandards.org
Wed Apr 23 08:00:32 PDT 2003

Is there a link?

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Sharon D Snider wrote:
> The status of the FSG Accessibility Workgroup Web site is as follows:
>    Accessible theme created that includes content, FAQ, News, Sections,
>    Stories, Topics, and Your Account modules. If new modules are added I
>    may need to update the code. The theme will be accessibility tested
>    further when we can get it posted on the Web.
>    Obtained minutes for the 2/12, 2/19, 3/21, 3/26, and 4/16 meetings, if
>    there are any missing, please let me know.
>    Accessibility Links from the list distributed by Doug before the first
>    meeting.
>    Once the mission statement is confirmed that will be included on the
>    Home page. (I vote for option #2.)
>    Goals will be included when they are finalized.
>    Does the team want to include the In and Out of plan tasks that were
>    distributed for our first meeting?
> Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the meeting today, but I welcome
> any additions or comments.
> Regards,
> Sharon Snider
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