[Accessibility] RoadMap Item 1: AT-SPI

John Goldthwaite john.goldthwaite at arch.gatech.edu
Tue Apr 29 08:20:00 PDT 2003

Item 1 had a lot of extraneous space for some reason,  I edited
it out:

    AT-SPI as a means of working towards US section 508, Europe's
CEN, Japan's ???, and Australia's ??? programs.  (or part thereof
that could agreed on with perhaps some minor exclusions.)  This
will gain us - key components for desktop/windowing

    Lays out the responsibilities of the application vs the AT
layer and the kernel.
We have early signs that major Xwindow environments (GNOME and
KDE at least) will
both be able to adopt this without major disagreement.
																	This can be made to work with
Internationalization.  The Service Provider Interface is more
generic than just a program interface. Between the AT-SPI and
 the ATK we should be able to implement the libraries in a number
of environments.

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