[Accessibility] FYI, dot.KDE.org announces intent to support ATK in Qt4

Bill Haneman bill.haneman at sun.com
Tue Aug 26 10:14:14 PDT 2003

The article:


It seems that KDE/Trolltech have made a public statement of intent to
support ATK, in a recent article on "The Dot".

Note the following quote 

"Among the presented new planned features of Qt 4 as of today are:

    * Designer split up into components. This makes it possible to
create a form editor plugin for KDevelop.
    * Model/view classes for list box, tree view, icon view and table
    * New set of classes as part of a main window/docking architecture
that distinguish between dockwindows and toolbars with support for
tabbed docks.
    * Accessibility support for the Macintosh platform and for ATK.

..." [more features omitted from my quote]

This can only make our work easier to support and digest, great stuff! 
Though I am dubious about getting ATK support into Qt4 in such an
aggressive timeframe...

- Bill

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