[Accessibility] FSG102 - Part 2 b iii

Doug Beattie dbb at linkexplorer.com
Wed Aug 27 14:00:54 PDT 2003

I asked about part 2, section b, item iii:

The examples I received, as clarification on the meaning of this

LSB does not standardize system administration tools
OpenI18N does not standardize local variants on date and time format
Open Cluster Framework (OCF) group does not standardize hardware

In this same vein, we should state the obvious types of items we feel
are out of scope for what this group is to standardize on.

This would be the starting point to answer the question.

By having given a lot of information on what we will be doing, combined
with some basics of what the group will not address, we will better
define the purpose of this group.

Doug Beattie
dbb at linkexplorer.com

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