[Accessibility] Attributes for an accessible widget and window decoration style

Gunnar Schmi Dt gunnar at schmi-dt.de
Thu Aug 28 13:37:00 PDT 2003

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Sorry if this mail is a little bit off-topic for this list, but I need some 
information about the needs of handicapped people.

For KDE 3.2 we plan to make a number of improvements for handicapped persons. 
Today I have added three high contrast color schemes (white on black, black 
on white and yellow on blue). Unfortunately the black on white color scheme 
interferes badly with some color assumptions of all available widget styles.

As the feature freeze is already this Monday (after the feature freeze only 
features of the planned-features list are to be added) I have added a widget 
style that works well with these high contrast color schemes and a window 
decoration style with wide borders (currently the largest borders of the 
available decoration styles are 10 pixels wide).

Now to the point why I write this mail: A fellow developer (the one that will 
be responsible for the widget style) asked me whether I have concrete 
information what handicapped persons need. As I cannot look into the head of 
someone else I thought it might be better to ask than to guess.

Open questions are:

- - Which maximum width for the window borders is appropriate (open end sizes 
are difficult to implement in the configuration dialog)? Is it OK to have 
window borders in any width between 8 and e.g, 30 pixels?

- - Is it OK to use the height of the selected widget font as a minimum size for 
all widgets?

- -How much do the lines of the widget borders need to be customizable in their 

- -Is it OK to use a third color (besides black and white in a black-on white 
color scheme) for grayed out text and for an alternate background in lists?

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