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I forgot to reply to the mailing list (the mail accidently only went to 
John Goldthwaite).

Gunnar Schmi Dt

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Subject: Re: [Accessibility] November 26, 2003 Draft Minutes Linux 
Accessibility workgroup
Date: Wednesday 03 December 2003 00:02
From: Gunnar Schmi Dt <gunnar at schmi-dt.de>
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Just some corrections to the minutes:
> [...]
> Gunnar- KDE people are not doing anything on AT SPI. The Plan is for
> Trolltech to include the SPI in their version 4.  They are currently
> working on version 3.3, will work on planning the inclusion of AT SPI
> after that.

The above sentences are in some parts not correct. (Maybe I used a wording
that produced some misunderstandings.) I would like to change them in the
minutes to:

The people from the KDE project are currently not doing much on AT-SPI. It
is planned that the basic support for AT-SPI is integrated into Qt.
(Adding the accessibility information to KDE can only be done after Qt has
some basic support for that.) Trolltech has announced that they see AT-SPI
support as a key feature of Qt 4.0.

(Maybe we can include a second "Gunnar-" here in order to separate two
different subjects.)

> Is there a reason the AT SPI and xkb list are open? Why is the list of

subscribers viewable by the public?

> Bill- if you go into your subscriber options and ask that your name not
> be listed.
> Gunnar- the subscriber list of accessibility at open.org is password
> protected but the sublists are not
> Doug – we’ll fix that so we’re consistent.
> Gunnar- one of the KDE developers is on the keyboard list, will see if
> he needs to join the main list

The above sentence needs a correction, too. The person that I spoke of is
 a Trolltech developer.

> [...]

Gunnar Schmi Dt
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