[Accessibility] November 26, 2003 Minutes Linux Accessibility workgroup

John Goldthwaite john.goldthwaite at catea.org
Wed Dec 3 12:31:47 PST 2003

November 26, 2003 Draft Minutes Linux Accessibility workgroup

Doug Beattie
John Goldthwaite
Bill Haneman
Peter Korn
Janina Sajka
Gunnar Schmidt
Matthew Wilcox

Action item:
Peter- check on SUN facilities
Willy- Check on HP facilities
John- check on Georgia Tech facilities and talk to ACM meeting planners
about airport hotel, talk to Mark Novak
Doug- talk to Neal about facilities in Hawaii
Randy- check on IBM facilities in San Francisco
Janina- drafting purpose and goals of meeting, general announcement for
Doug- get the sublists password protected

Minutes from the Nov.19 meeting were accepted with changes incorporated in

Action items- Janina spoke to Greg Vanderheiden about the “Access utilities”
and he is working on the agreement with U.Wisconsin legal.  Peter sent out
list of stakeholders.  Janina obtained information about Braille.com.  She
is still working on the sample invitation to the meeting.

We discussed needs for travel funds.

What needs to be in place to have the meeting?
Janina would like to get the request for fund to NSF before the Christmas
break, Dec.12 if possible.
Rough draft budget
Create a document explaining the purpose of the meeting and what we wish to
accomplish. We need a rough idea of how many people will attend and how many
need support.
Needs: Projector, Ethernet, Meeting room.
Doug if we have the meeting on the West coast, could we meet at SUN?  Peter
said he can check on it.
Janina – we talked about 15 people last week, there may be value in 20-30.
Peter- SUN usually takes meetings of that size off campus since there is
high demand for conference rooms.
Doug- IBM has some offices in downtown San Francisco that we’ve used at
Linux World Expo.
Willy- can check for HP sites in that area.
Atlanta – Georgia Center for Advance Telecommunications Technology Board
Washington area- NIST in Gaitherburg or Hotel near NSF(on Metro line)

Looking for kernel people to be at the meeting to help us work with that
group.  Willy could attend and then be the liaison with the kernel
developers.  If we have the meeting in Hawaii it can help us get the some of
these people.  It would be more attractive than 2 days at an airport.

We haven’t heard from Trace on participation.
Peter – conformance or testing in the X domain. We could write up a proposal
for developing the validation suite for xkb.  There is no previous work and
we need to do it for the standard.
Janina- when we talked with Stuart Anderson, he said it was full time job
but less that a year, perhaps six – eight months.
Peter- Trace has all the background on the access utilities.  We aught to
get them involved if possible.

Bill? We’ve got buy in from most of the people such Trolltech
 Identify part of API that need testing and developing the tests.
Need for multiple implementations, we have one that’s free and one that’s
mostly free.  We may be satisfying the requirements.  Need to agree on the
subset of the AT SPI

Need to have training,  build database
Michael Meeks from Ximian might join us. He’s been on the list for two
Janina- for buy in, do we need to hold a meeting between Linux vendors?
What do we need to do the get the process started?

Gunnar-  The people from the KDE project are currently not doing much on
AT-SPI. It is planned that the basic support for AT-SPI is integrated into
Qt.  (Adding the accessibility information to KDE can only be done after Qt
has some basic support for that.) Trolltech has announced that they see
AT-SPI support as a key feature of Qt 4.0.

Gunnar-  Is there a reason the AT SPI and xkb list are open?  Why is the
list of subscribers viewable by the public?

Bill- if you go into your subscriber options and ask that your name not be
Gunnar- the subscriber list of accessibility at open.org is password protected
but the sublists are not
Doug – we’ll fix that so we’re consistent.
Gunnar- one of the Trolltech developers is on the keyboard list, will see if
he needs to join the main list
Bill- There has been no discussion about qt4 and not confident they will be
ready to implement AT SPI. To move forward with the spec, we need to be sure
that what we are doing is acceptable to the vendors.   Its not be obvious to
me how to move this forward at the point. I want to hear the other people
say that the SPI will be meet their needs.
Janina- would be glad to start the discussion, just need to know who to
contact.  If there are other people we can talk about them when we’re
talking about ‘classes’ of people to ask to the meeting.  Trolltech is
clearly important -
Doug – we want to bring both of the camps along together and is comfortable
with what we are doing.

John Goldthwaite
Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, Georgia Tech
john.goldthwaite at catea.org

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