[Accessibility] AT Device Shared I/O

Mario Lang mlang at debian.org
Thu Dec 4 04:31:13 PST 2003

Bill said in the december 4 2003 meeting:

Willy- no response from Mario Lang about participating in the I/O area.
Bill- need him for the Braille API licensing.

Now I quote a mail I sent to this list several weeks ago:

Mario Lang <mlang at debian.org> writes:

> Bill Haneman <bill.haneman at sun.com> writes:
>> Regarding the AT Device Shared I/O section:
>> Note that we have candidate libraries/APIs for this in the 
>> Linux space already, for instance libbrl and brltty.  Brltty has the
>> disadvantage that it's GPL and not LGPL, but the libbrl license is
>> either LGPL or something similar like BSD.
> The disadvantage of libbrl however is that it does not meet the goals
> states in this section.
> A mechanism which is responsible for sharing braille device I/O
> has to be as independent from any other components on the system
> as possible.  Especially, to guarantee a good System Administrator
> support, such a solution should be able to run without needing
> any components of the /usr filesystem, since that is usually a separate
> partition on a typical Linux setup, and is mounted later in the
> boot process than the root partition.


> That said, I am working on evaluating the fesability of relicensing the
> libbrlapi code parts of BRLTTY under the LGPL.  Would such a change eliminate
> the problems you see with BRLTTY, or do you think other changes are necessary?

Bill, I am since then waiting for any sort of positive
or negative reply to this question.  Since you were the one who
raised the concern with BRLTTY's licensing, I think you have
the expertise to answer above question.

In general, the BRLTTY Team would be willing to relicense the
client part of libbrlapi.  I do not know if this would
suffice.  I am quite willing to coordinate this license
change with BRLTTY upstream, but I rely on feedback from you.
It does not make much sense to change a license now, and realize later
on that it didn't have the desired effects.

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