[Accessibility] December 4, 2003 Draft Minutes

Carlos A Velasco Carlos.Velasco at fit.fraunhofer.de
Sat Dec 6 01:59:28 PST 2003

Dear all,

John Goldthwaite wrote:
> ...
> Janina- it’s possible we could do something in Europe in 2005 if the
> interest increases. We have added Carlos Velasquez to the list, he’s one of
> the accessibility researchers at Fraunhofer.  He will monitor the list and
> perhaps join it later.  So Fraunhofer’s another location for a conference.
> Bill- there are several people on the list would be interested in Fraunhofer
> ’s research.

Please count always with our campus to organise any event in Europe for the 
group. We have very nice rooms, also big ones "in our castle", as Janina knows. 
We will always be happy to host any activity from FSG. And thanks for the good 
words about our work <grin />.


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