[Accessibility] FSG Accessibility workgroup Draft Minutes December 10, 2003

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On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 05:29:29PM -0500, John Goldthwaite wrote:
> December 10, 2003 Draft Minutes FSG Accessibility workgroup
> Doug Beattie
> John Goldthwaite
> Bill Haneman
> Randy Horwitz
> Michael Meeks
> Janina Sajka
> Gunnar Schmidt
> Sharon Snider
> Matthew Wilcox
> Allen Wilson
> Action items:
> 	Doug- talk to Neal about facilities in Hawaii
> 	All – read proposal and vote
> Minutes from last meeting accepted with changes from Peter and Randy.
> Michael Meeks was introduced to the group.  Michael Meeks has been involved
> in accessibility for while.  Worked on AT-SPI in conjunction with Bill
> Haneman.  Interested in functional solution, especially for Novell. He’s an
> expert on Bonobo and Korba issues with AT-SPI.
> Action items:
> John- Georgia Tech would let us use the GCATT boardroom(sets 30-40) and two
> breakout rooms for free for our meeting.  Hotels nearby Marriott Courtyard
> and Sheraton Colony Square are $99 per night.  Called Mark Novak and he is
> interested in joining the group, sent his contact information to Doug to add
> Mark to the list.
> IBM has offered to host the meeting at IBM Almaden Research Center, San
> Jose.  IBM will pay for breakfast and lunch.  Hotels are $130-150 in this
> area.
> Finishing NSF proposal.
> Bill- we should make it clear that the effort is already underway.  They
> should know this is not a kickoff meeting but more substantial.  Insert
> something short, “Current roadmap is well formed.
> Allen- This agenda is based on over a year of preparatory work.  We are an
> accepted FSG standard group.
> Doug- like letting them know that we’ve been meeting by teleconference for a
> year and need to get together face to face.
> Develop an agenda for adoption and development of standards.
> Bill- The road map has been developed including plans for year 2004 after a
> year of teleconferences.  Now need to meet face to face to develop more
> detailed plans for development activities. There are a couple of things that
> might be misunderstood- “standards that will be set in motion” This implies
> that no standards work taken place before the meeting.
> Allen- change it to “standards activities will be accelerated by”
> Bill – do we need to say why NSF support is needed and appropriate?  Some
> standards are important to vendors and they will pay for their development.
> Other standards such as accessibility are not a primary economic concern of
> vendors and require more public support.
> Janina-
> Allen- there not all corporate, we have non-profit participants that need
> support.
> Bill- in Executive summary we make it clear its developer community and not
> just companies
> Janina- Need to give some reasons why we are asking for funding from NSF and
> not NIDRR.  Promote accessibility of computer based scientific
> instrumentation and educational technology.
> Bill- Enabling research and enabling software development. Standardized,
> open platform would accelerate development of software, particularly in
> universities.
> Finished wordsmithing, next discussed the budget.
> Doug - $150 per day for hotel should be okay.
> Janina- our AFB meeting person said start high and work down, probably $200
> for downtown Washington or San Francisco.  We should be able to get hotel to
> give us meeting rooms if we are going to have this many people stay in the
> hotel.
> Allen- will be some transportation costs for Almaden.  It’s on the south
> side of San Jose in fairly remote location.
> Janina- airfare

> Doug- we’ve got $300 for most fares for other meetings
  $1000 for international fares.
> Janina- we might need to use $500 from some locations.  Washington and
> Atlanta are not that competitive.  My sense is we’re asking $35,000 to
> 40,000.  I would like to budget for a conference staffer for ten days or so
> to handle the negotiations with the hotel and make the arrangements so we
> can concentrate on our work.
> Allen- Will need to look into Internet access at Almaden, IBM isn’t keen on
> having outsiders on the IBM internal network.
> Janina- we would have access in the hotel, but can’t see this group doing
> without web access for three days.
> Randy- if a resource is needed during the meeting, say a part of xkb. It
> would be good to have Internet access for that and other research tasks.
> Allen- we can have web access, we’ll work on it and see what we can do for a
> local net.
> Janina – only food we’d need would be evening meals for the IBM proposal
> Doug- Neil said that at the right time of the year the hotels in Hawaii are
> $40.
> Janina- lets do the estimate based on the higher hotel rates so we know we’
> ll be covered.  I’ll start working on those figures for the proposal.  We’ll
> need some network access, LCD projector, room with large conference table,
> two breakout rooms, speaker phone in conference room,
> We’re talking about inviting people.  What if other people say they want to
> come and isn’t this an open meeting?
> Doug- anyone who has a good reason to participate can do so.  We’re an open
> organization.
> Allen- could have call in for other people that want to participate.  Face
> to face is invitational, call in for others.
> Janina- would we need sign language or hearing assistance? We should budget
> for interpreters in case we need it.  If we don’t have to use it then we won
> ’t spend the money.
> I will write this up and distribute it. Can people review it and vote on it
> so that we can get the proposal out the door this week.  It’s exciting to
> think about meeting everyone face to face.
> Janina- Next week we’ll look at invitations, the announcement message and
> get back to the work group agendas.
> Will next week’s meeting be the last for the year?
> Allen – put a note out to the list to ask if people want to meet the week of
> Christmas and New Years.
> John Goldthwaite
> Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, Georgia Tech
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