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Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Thu Dec 11 07:52:48 PST 2003

Bill Haneman writes:
> From: Bill Haneman <Bill.Haneman at Sun.COM>
> Doug Beattie wrote:
> >I like the way this reads now.
> >
> Agreed, I really like the way it reads also.
> A couple of nits:
> >
> >>* Vendors of Unix and Linux such as IBM Corporation, Red Hat Inc., Sun 
> >>Micro Systems,
> >>  and United Linux, among others.
> >>
> Should we mention Novell since they are now major stakeholders?  And 
> since Michael is on board ;-) ?

Done. Now reads:

* Vendors of Unix and Linux such as IBM Corporation, Novell Corporation,
* Red Hat Inc., Sun Micro Systems,
   and United Linux, among others.

   Michael--or anyone--please advise if "Novell Corporation" is correct.
   I couldn't find how Novell refers to itself (legally) on the
   novell.com home page.
> <snip>

I'll have a secretary take care of the following nits today.

> >>
> >>* Users with various disabilities can not effectively use the system.
> >>
> You use a leading capital letter here, and "system" singular, whereas 
> the other bullet points use lower-case initial letters, and "systems" 
> plural.
> >>* systems do not meet legal requirements (which hampers marketing of
> >>  free standards based systems).
> >>* developers cannot consistently write accessible applications.
> >>* comprehensive and consistent platform services that support
> >>
> <snip>
> >>...
> >>AT-SPI enables assistive technology tools, e.g. screen readers,
> >>magnifiers, and even scripting interfaces to query and interact with
> >>graphical user interface (GUI) controls." As such it facilitates access
> >>for individuals who cannot use the standard GUI. It enables developers
> >>(or a third party) to build applications that are, or can be made
> >>accessible.
> >>   
> >>
> There's an extraneous quotation mark (") in the above paragraph, it seems.
> >>The AT-SPI enables developers and distributions to meet the accessibility 
> >>requirements of many individual and corporate customers.
> >>
> >>2.) AT Device Shared I/O
> >>
> >>AT device shared I/O would make it possible for devices that are
> >>commonly used by persons with disabilities to operate smoothly with
> >>several client applications simultaneously.
> >>   
> >>
> I cannot fault the document on any significant count, I think it's a 
> very strong proposal.
> Thanks Janina!

Thanks to both of you, Bill and Doug, and everyone else on the call. You
sharpened the thinking. I just found words to use.

> - Bill

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