[Accessibility] FSG Accessibility workgroup 12/17/03 Draft Minutes

John Goldthwaite john.goldthwaite at catea.org
Wed Dec 17 12:35:53 PST 2003

December 17, 2003 Draft Minutes FSG Accessibility workgroup

Doug Beattie
Sandy Gabrielli
John Goldthwaite
Randy Horwitz
Michael Meeks
Janina Sajka
Gunnar Schmidt
Sharon Snider
Matthew Wilcox
Allen Wilson

Action items:

John – try to get a quote from Georgia Tech administration or computer
science dean
Janina- ask Greg Vanderheiden for a quote

Minutes from last meeting accepted as posted.
Action items
- NSF proposal submitted on Friday Dec. 12 via email.
Janina – sent Ephrim Glinert a note asking for comments.  We submitted a
good proposal, we’ll need to do this a few more times over the next year.
On the working groups, Mario sent out some information to the keyboard
group.  Earl Johnson has posted a couple of emails with ideas, including a
spreadsheet of features that we might adopt.  That went to just the keyboard

There has been some interesting debate about how to handle Gnopernicus
command structure on the Gnome list with contributions from Bill, Peter and
one of the KDE people.

We have a new domain name- www.a11y.org (a one one y.or)  Our mail will be
accessibility at a11y.org  thanks to Stuart Anderson.
Randy – why a11y?
Janina- The first use of this type of abbreviation was in the international
group i18n for internationalization.  Instead of typing internationalization
all the time, they shorted it to the first letter, last and 18 for the
letters in between.  Wanted to have a draft on the invitations by today but
haven’t had time.  Will edit the NSF proposal to create a description for
the invitations.
Thought we’d invite Allen Cox.  Will hold off until we are sure we have the
funds.  We need to start working on the list of people who should be
invited.  We will send a call to all the lists so that people can submit
position papers to attend.  We will also invite some people we would like to

Sandy – have we decided on February or April?
Janina – We were looking at April.  We also have invitations at Georgia Tech
and at IBM’s Almaden Research Center.
Sandy- we have facilities at the University of Hawaii and have looked into
travel costs. I can email that to the list.
Janina- in terms of deciding where, in addition to facilities and internet,
the ease of getting to the location would rank pretty high. Doing things in
Hawaii is easier for people on the Pacific Rim.  Unfortunately, we don’t
have anyone in Australia or Japan yet, though we’d like to get some people
involved next year.  We will need to work on this when we know whether we
have funding.

Sandy- will send out some information from the travel agency and will ask
Neil about people that might be invited.

Janina - Meet next week?  Should we postpone the next meeting until January
7 since the next two meetings will fall on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve?
We would have to change to another time.

There were no objections to adjourning until the 7th.

Janina - That will be 2 weeks before LinuxWorld so we’ll need to get busy on
the invitation list.  We do have a press release approved.
Doug- do we have any quotes from Georgia Tech, Hawaii or other universities.
John- I am working on that.
Janina- I’ll ask Gregg Vanderheiden for a quote.
Doug- Thanks to group for all the work we’ve gotten done this year to help
people around the world.
Janina- I wanted to thank everyone as well, we’ve got some good documents
started and have made a lot of progress this year.  Looking forward to an
exciting and productive new year.
Happy holidays, everybody-

John Goldthwaite
Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, Georgia Tech
john.goldthwaite at catea.org

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