[Accessibility] FSG Accessibility workgroup 12/17/03 Draft Minutes

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Thu Dec 18 08:00:22 PST 2003

Was Michael present? I don't recall him checking in on the call.

John Goldthwaite writes:
> From: "John Goldthwaite" <john.goldthwaite at catea.org>
> December 17, 2003 Draft Minutes FSG Accessibility workgroup
> Doug Beattie
> Sandy Gabrielli
> John Goldthwaite
> Randy Horwitz
> Michael Meeks
> Janina Sajka
> Gunnar Schmidt
> Sharon Snider
> Matthew Wilcox
> Allen Wilson
> Action items:
> John – try to get a quote from Georgia Tech administration or computer
> science dean
> Janina- ask Greg Vanderheiden for a quote
> Minutes from last meeting accepted as posted.
> Action items
> - NSF proposal submitted on Friday Dec. 12 via email.
> Janina – sent Ephrim Glinert a note asking for comments.  We submitted a
> good proposal, we’ll need to do this a few more times over the next year.
> On the working groups, Mario sent out some information to the keyboard
> group.  Earl Johnson has posted a couple of emails with ideas, including a
> spreadsheet of features that we might adopt.  That went to just the keyboard
> list.
> There has been some interesting debate about how to handle Gnopernicus
> command structure on the Gnome list with contributions from Bill, Peter and
> one of the KDE people.
> We have a new domain name- www.a11y.org (a one one y.or)  Our mail will be
> accessibility at a11y.org  thanks to Stuart Anderson.
> Randy – why a11y?
> Janina- The first use of this type of abbreviation was in the international
> group i18n for internationalization.  Instead of typing internationalization
> all the time, they shorted it to the first letter, last and 18 for the
> letters in between.  Wanted to have a draft on the invitations by today but
> haven’t had time.  Will edit the NSF proposal to create a description for
> the invitations.
> Thought we’d invite Allen Cox.  Will hold off until we are sure we have the
> funds.  We need to start working on the list of people who should be
> invited.  We will send a call to all the lists so that people can submit
> position papers to attend.  We will also invite some people we would like to
> attend.
> Sandy – have we decided on February or April?
> Janina – We were looking at April.  We also have invitations at Georgia Tech
> and at IBM’s Almaden Research Center.
> Sandy- we have facilities at the University of Hawaii and have looked into
> travel costs. I can email that to the list.
> Janina- in terms of deciding where, in addition to facilities and internet,
> the ease of getting to the location would rank pretty high. Doing things in
> Hawaii is easier for people on the Pacific Rim.  Unfortunately, we don’t
> have anyone in Australia or Japan yet, though we’d like to get some people
> involved next year.  We will need to work on this when we know whether we
> have funding.
> Sandy- will send out some information from the travel agency and will ask
> Neil about people that might be invited.
> Janina - Meet next week?  Should we postpone the next meeting until January
> 7 since the next two meetings will fall on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve?
> We would have to change to another time.
> There were no objections to adjourning until the 7th.
> Janina - That will be 2 weeks before LinuxWorld so we’ll need to get busy on
> the invitation list.  We do have a press release approved.
> Doug- do we have any quotes from Georgia Tech, Hawaii or other universities.
> John- I am working on that.
> Janina- I’ll ask Gregg Vanderheiden for a quote.
> Doug- Thanks to group for all the work we’ve gotten done this year to help
> people around the world.
> Janina- I wanted to thank everyone as well, we’ve got some good documents
> started and have made a lot of progress this year.  Looking forward to an
> exciting and productive new year.
> Happy holidays, everybody-
> John Goldthwaite
> Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, Georgia Tech
> john.goldthwaite at catea.org
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