[Accessibility] Anouncing Free Standards WG,Wednesday, 26 February

Bill Haneman bill.haneman at sun.com
Wed Feb 26 06:06:35 PST 2003

I attach a first cut of a 'mission' statement for consideration and
review.  The second paragraph is very rough but I hope it identifies two
messages: we seek a common and comperhensive API/ABI for assistive
technologies and ALSO some sort of API standardization (whether binary
or not) for use on the application-toolkit level.

I did not mention the eventual possible goal of certifying applications,
perhaps others will see ways of suggesting this without bloating the
mission statement too much.  Using the LSB overall mission statement as
a model, I presume we are aiming for only about two sentences.

Perhaps this will be a useful starting point for discussion...

best regards,


Bill Haneman <bill.haneman at sun.com>
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Develop and promote a set of standards for accessibility with the goal
of not only improving the overall accessibility of the Linux
desktop and operating system, but will also foster interoperability
and binary compatibility among assistive technologies for the Linux

<needs rephrasing>
These standards will include both ABI and API standards
for providing comprehensive and consistent services for use
by assistive technologies, and also define standards for the 
delivery of accessibility information and services from the
application and UI toolkit perspective.
</needs rephrasing>

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