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The following is what I have as of today. If anyone has more specific
urls, that could be helpful.

You will recall the context for this information is our Road Map, and
our pointers to law and regulations that impact the design and
deployment of technology worldwide--as in the U.S. with our Sec. 508.

The following items provide pointers to current EU initiatives relating to accessibility and the standardization work of our group.

The European Union Council Resolution of 6th February 2003 entitled "eAccessibility - Improving Access of People with Disabilities to the Knowledge
Based Society":


calls on member states and Commission to (amongst other things):

* promote a more coordinated approach by the key players involved in eAccessibility and in the application and development of technology, standards,
legislation, and education.

* promote common methodologies with regard to the use of the WAI (W3C Accessibility Initiative) guidelines.

* promote feedback on standardisation activities and their impact on "real life".

* consider the provision of an eAccessibility mark for goods and services which comply with relevant standards for eAccessibility.

* promote the aim that proposed Design for All curricula are developed by educational authorities.

* ensure that multimedia materials and the use of ICT in education do not create new barriers.

* ensure that eAccessibility becomes a regular part of all education programmes of vocational schools of any level, e.g. web masters, multimedia
authors, and software developers.

The above summary posted by Dave Pawson to a W3 list.

Standardization efforts akin to the U.S. Sec. 508 are expected under the umbrella of CEN: The European Committee for Standardization


Applicable law in the U.K. is summarized at:


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