[Accessibility] FSG102 Document Part 1 Section F working copy

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Tue Jul 15 06:51:16 PDT 2003

f. Other parties that would benefit from the standard, including free
   software projects or classes of end users.

Users who are persons with disabilities will:

*	 Find free software more useful and usable. 

*	Enjoy consistent, integrated accessibility
from boot-up to shutdown in both console and desktop
environments--wherever they might need it.

The world of free
standards based software will:

*	Extend its ability to include any and all users,

*	Increase participation in future software development,

*	Become yet more robust, innovative, and generally attractive to
all users.

These benefits will be available world-wide in developing and developed
nations alike.

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