[Accessibility] FSG102 Document Part 1 Section F working copy

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Wed Jul 16 13:03:10 PDT 2003

Following our teleconference discussion I have expanded Part 1f as shown
below. Please provide any revisions, deletions or additions as you see
fit. It is our hope to reach consensus on this section here on the list
within a day or two.

f. Other parties that would benefit from the standard, including free
   software projects or classes of end users.

The principle beneficiaries of FSG Accessibility Standards will, of
course, be persons with disabilities worldwide. They are the reason for
these standards. However, the wider world of developers and
marketers of technologies based on free standards will also benefit:

Users who are persons with disabilities will:

*	 Find free software more useful and usable. 

*	Enjoy consistent, integrated accessibility
from boot-up to shutdown in both console and desktop
environments--wherever they might need it.

*	Find personal and public devices and systems, such as
telephones, personal data assistants (PDA), entertainment systems,
public kiosks, banking and voting
machines, useful and usable.

The world of free standards based technology will:

*	Extend its ability to support any and all users regardless of
disability, physical, or sensory condition,

*	Increase participation in future software development,

*	Become yet more robust, innovative, and generally attractive to
all users by integrating multiple ways by which users can access
information and perform tasks.

*	Meet, and even exceed, social and legal mandates requiring
inclusion of persons with disabilities in electronic and information

*	Maximize marketers ability to compete effectively in markets
where accessibility is a selection criterion.

It is important to note that these benefits will be available world-wide
in developing and developed nations alike because cost will never be a
barrier to anyone's participation, either as an end user or as a
technical contributor.

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