[Accessibility] Meeting minutes 07/16/2003

Sharon D Snider snidersd at us.ibm.com
Thu Jul 17 11:53:06 PDT 2003

Draft Minutes for Proposed FSG Accessibility Workgroup Meeting 07/16/2003

Doug Beattie
Jonathan Blanford
Janina Sajka
Gunnar Schmidt
Sharon Snider

Action Items:
Gunnar - will send an email to the list with updates for Section 1-C and
1-D. May also send company names for Section 1-E.
Sharon - make corrections and convert approve sections to docbook XML, HTML
and final proposal to PDF.
Janina - to provide an update for the last paragraph in Section 1-E, and
extend the information in 1-F.
Doug - to provide list of core participants for section 3-A. Check with
George regarding D-iii.

No objections were raised regarding acceptance of the meeting minutes for
07/02/2003 by anyone in attendance.

Janina - mentioned that she had discussions with Kirk and Mario regarding
the group. They would like to continue to be a part
of the group, but have had other commitments that have prevented them from
being more involved.

FSG102 Discussion:
Janina - received comments on Section 1-A from Sharon Snider and John
Goldthwaite. Feels that Section 1-B may need more
work and would like input.

Doug - mentioned that the proposal was due by 7/11/2003 and it may be
possible that if completed within the next day or two
we could still make it, but it would probably not go before the board until
next month.

Janina - feels good about Section 1-A and the current participation. She
asked if Section 3 was completed after the board

After a review of the workgroup template it was determined that Section 3
had to be completed before the proposal is
presented to the board.

Doug - Section 2-B can be taken from the roadmap and  the interim
chairperson has been selected. Section 2 D-i will probably
be LGPL, D-ii certification we can get some information from other groups,
but accessibility needs are different from general
test specifications and will need to be addressed. D-iii, Doug will check
with George Kraft .

Janina - is concerned about certification process.

Doug - says that we can make certification one of the groups goals. He also
mentioned that FSG contracted with the Open Group
as an authority on OS and application certification. They do not charge the
FSG anything but charge for OS and application certification. Our
workgroup may want to contact groups that are currently doing certification
for more information on the process.

The LSB currently has a process where the individual runs a test and
submits a report. The reports are reviewed and verified
that they have not been altered. Then complete certification results,
paperwork, and certificate are processed. This is just one
mechanism, if we choose to follow it. We would need an automated and manual
testing group who can do it online and with
relatively quick results.

Janina - We need a methodology for certification and what steps are needed
to make it happen.

Doug - We need to be sure people follow a certain process that guarantees
the system is complaint and will work.

Janina - The government has never required certification for Section 508
and many were opposed to it, so it was not pushed.

Doug - So how did they comply?

Janina - Self certification.

Doug - The group will differ in that regard.

Section 1-A was reviewed along with the comments received. Sharon needs to
make a correction to any references to the word
"that" should be "who". She also needs to had commas in the first bullet to
clarify the sentence.

Janina - asked if we were down to just wordsmithing?

Doug - asked it we missed any disabilities?

Janina - Said that disabilities were missed, but theses were the main
points. She did not want to get distracted by other
disabilities that were missed such as cognitive. We can add that to our
future goals.

Janina - What do you think Bill would say? I want to make sure we capture
his contributions.

At this point everyone reviewed and accepted Section 1-A with the above
mentioned changes to Sharon's rewrite.

Sharon - At what point do we want this posted to the Web site. Can I add
what has been accepted?
All agreed that Section 1-A could be published to the Web site in HTML and
the final proposal will be in HTML and PDF using
XML docbook.

Discussed Section 1-B and Sharon sent out her revisions which were reviewed
along with John's comments.It was recommended by
Doug to change the words "purpose in" to "intended" in the first bullet. We
also discussed the example and whether it should
be a footnote or part of the bullet.

Gunnar - said to leave it as a footnote or as is - do not delete it
completely. It clarifies the bullet.
The consensus was to include it with the suggested change.

Doug - asked Gunnar if there were any other projects that should be
included in Section 1-D

Gunnar - suggested Kmagnifier that provides magnification like gnome-mag,
Kmouse that can click the mouse, and Kmouth for TTS as a front-end for

Doug - asked Gunnar if Section 1-D was the correct location and Gunnar

Doug - asked Gunnar about Section 1-C and if any API's should be included?

Gunnar - said the API for word completion can be added and it could
possibly be used as a word list for GNOME.

Section 1-E was discussed

Doug - recommended that we add more companies such as, HP, and devices for
embedded or handheld.

Janina - stated that for small unit modules the AT should be pluggable.

Doug - discussed electronic devices for AT in appliances such as
refrigerators that could speak temperature controls.

Janina - mentioned Phillips as a company. She will update the list to
include government agencies, education, K-12 and post.

Doug - asked Gunnar if he could provide any names for Europe and he said
that he would try.
Also mentioned that any companies we included could be a means for
potential funding and support.

The final consensus was that Janina would provide an update for the last
paragraph that includes companies and when approved
on the list, this section can be included in the proposal.

Section 2-B can be worked off the roadmap goals.

Discussed Section 1-F and the consensus is that it needs to be extended.
Janina will work on it and send it out to the list.

Doug - has a list of the core participants and he can put together the
information needed for Section 3-A. We may need to
include the resources each participant is offering.

Janina - would like help from the engineers of the group to develop tasks
for section 2-B.

Sharon - Asked about goals to task and how that was tracked, as well as how
the information is provided to the group?

Doug - Once the task list is complete we will have to come up with a
mechanism to track the tasks online.

Next meeting is scheduled for July 23, 2003.

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