[Accessibility] FSG102 Document Part 1 Section C working copy

Mario Lang mlang at delysid.org
Tue Jul 22 12:05:52 PDT 2003

More or less the same update for Section 1-C than for A-D.

Janina Sajka <janina at rednote.net> writes:

>  c. Existing software, partial solutions, etc.  Implementations of the
>     proposed standard should already exist (usually produces a less
>     buggy standard), or should exist in approximate form (for example,
>     no Unix complied with the first POSIX standard at the time it was
>     being written, but many were close), or there should be an
>     indication of what new implementation work will be needed.
> We benefit from the fact that the greater majority of requirements to
> support users with disabilities are well understood. Several generations
> of technologies for supporting users with disabilities have previously
> been implemented, sometimes on several platforms, though usually on
> proprietary ones. The value and viability of such standards is,
> therefore, well established. The most comprehensive solutions available
> today were created for Microsoft Windows computers. An incomplete
> solution has long been available on Macintosh computers. Elements exist
> for free and open platform desktops, and significant robust solutions
> for certain user communities are well established on the console side of
> free and open platforms. Examples include:
> *keyboard accessibility:
> **	end-user features:
> 		AccessX,
> 		Gnome's Keyboard Accessibility Preferences Dialog
> **	APIs/ABIs:
> 		XKB Specification, X.org
> *Accessibility APIs/ABIs: (i.e. existing open solutions and also prior
>                           art in the proprietary domain):
> **applications-side:
> 		ATK
> 		Java Accessibility API
> 		UNO Accessibility API (StarOffice/OpenOffice.org)
> **	assistive-tech client-side:
> 		Java Accessibility API
> 		Mac Accessibility API
> 		GNOME's Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface (AT-SPI)
> 		Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA)
> *Accessibility-related utilities:
>           gnome-speech text-to-speech APIs
>           gnome-mag magnification APIs
            brltty Braille display access APIs
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