[Accessibility] FSG102 Sec. E Revisions

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Wed Jul 23 10:03:01 PDT 2003

iThe changes are all at the end. I have expanded the last paragraph into
a set of list items ...

 e. Companies and organizations in the field that would benefit from
    the standard. This should include general industry descriptions,
    as well as major potential participants.

These standards will be applicable across the entire industry. We will,
therefore, look for representative participation throughout the

*	Application developers will be empowered to support users with
disabilities in a straight forward manner. 

*	Marketers of distributions based on free standards will be able
to include accessibility support in their distributions which, in turn,
will enable them to meet legal requirements in various markets worldwide
(such as in sales to U.S. Government entities).

*	Developers of assistive technologies will be empowered to focus
their energies on the creation of innovative solutions to the particular
needs of the specific disabled population they serve. 

The beneficiaries of these standards are similarly numerous, cutting across all sectors engaged with either providing or using technology:

*	Implementations of free standards such as GNOME, KDE, and GNU software,

*	Vendors of unix and Linux such as Red Hat Corporation, United Linux, Sun Micro Systems, among others,

*	Vendors of hand-held devices, consumer and business products using embedded technologies, as well as those providing large industrial systems
such as Hewlett-Packard Corporation, IBM Corporation, and Motorola Corporation among others,

*	Both individual consumers and institutional ones such as governmental agencies and educational institutions, many of which are now legally
required to support accessibility.

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