Additions to FSG102 Part c and d (Re: [Accessibility] BRLTTY Was Re: FSG102 Document Part 1 Section D working copy)

Gunnar Schmi Dt gunnar at
Wed Jul 23 10:39:36 PDT 2003

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After having read sections c and d once again, I suppose that KMagnifier and 
KMouseTool do not necessarily fit into section d as they do not make use of 
the suggested standard.

Also I am not sure if the APIs of the KDE text-to-speech Daemon fit into 
section c as they are not necessarily usefull for e.g. screen readers (kttsd 
currently works on a first-come-first serve basis with waiting lists, so that 
it isn't guaranteed that the text is spoken in a certain amount of time if 
many texts have to be spoken).

In any case I suggest to add some standard for word completion to section c 
and to add KMouth to section d. In detail the changes to section c and d are 
as follows:

1. Possibly add
          kttsd APIs
to section c (directly after gnome-speech APIs).

2. Add
          word completion APIs
          configuration and word list file formats for word completion
to the end of section c.

3. The changes to section d I have done inline (I add them to the changes from 
Mario so his changes are not forgotten):

> Janina Sajka <janina at> writes:
> >  d. Existing free software projects related to the proposed standard.
> >
> >       X11R6/XFree86 (includes XKB)
> >       GNOME
> >       AT-SPI (GNOME) including libspi, libcspi, and AT-SPI's CORBA IDL.
> >       ATK
> >       gnome-mag
> >       gnome-speech

       kttsd (KDE Text-to-Speech Daemon)

> >       Java Access Bridge for Gnome (LGPL license, but requires Java 1.4)
> <add>
>         brltty (libbrlapi)
> </add>
> >       gnopernicus screenreader, Gnome Onscreen Keyboard
> >        (examples of ATs written to standard APIs)

       (The Gnome Onscreen Keyboard also supports word completion)

       KMouth (supports word completion)

> >
> > Speakup
> <remove>
> > Brltty
> </remove>
> > Emacspeak
> > Console508

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