[Accessibility] Looking for Volunteers

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Mon Jul 28 07:36:41 PDT 2003

On last week's call we agreed to divide the task of writing up the justification and ttechnical objectives for each of the items in our Road
Map to use in FSG102-2b. 

The items in our Road Map are listed below. The current Draft 0.6 is
available at


Please indicate which unclaimed items YOU can write up for the FSG102. I have placed my
initials (-js) behind several I will take on. We will review all drafts
submitted to the list on Wednesday's conference call. Thank you for your

Accessibility WG Road Map Items

Year One

	1.)	AT-SPI

	2.)	AT device handling (a la brl-tty)

	3.)	Xkb

Year Two

	4.)	Text-only accessible booting -js

	5.)	Guidelines for Sys Admins -js

	6.)	Service API Support for Magnification

	7.)	Text To Speech (TTS)

Year Three

	8.)	V2 -js

	9.)	Sys Admin -js

	10.)	Installation  -js

		11.)	Braille

Year Five

	12.)	Structured Navigation -js

	13.)	Voice I/O

The FSG2b reads:

    (FSG102-2b) should be created, comprised of a list of specific
        technical goals of the proposed Workgroup. This minimally must
	    include, but is not limited to:

	          i. General API group descriptions and where they might
			        ii. Specific existing technologies to be
				    iii. Related technologies that will
				    _not_ be included.
				         iv. Other standards that will
					 be referenced by the proposed

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				Technology Research and Development
				Governmental Relations Group
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