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JP Schnapper-Casteras jpsc at stanford.edu
Sun Mar 23 16:41:09 PST 2003

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CSUN 2003 Face To Face LSB Meeting
	Date: 3/21/03
	Time: 9:00 - 11:00 AM (Pacific)
	Location: La Jolla, LAX Marriott

On phone:
	TV Raman


1) Out of order item:
	Importance of expediency.
	Thinking about Linux Standards but thinking about something that would be =
palatable to the greater world and in the context.
	Security certification.
	The platform sooner we can come up with a proven alternative, the sooner w=
e can argue an alternative platform standards testbed.
	508s "equivalent facilication" is a last hope esacpe valve, not what we sh=
ould aim for.
	So our goal should be to get something public soon that says "here's what =
we're working on," start talking about it at conferences
	Culture shock

Initiatives to move BIOS into OS space would be more accessible
Doug: There is a Linux BIOS project
Raman: Development that you can write straight C code to Bios

AA [Janina]: Try to get the report from Accessibility Forum, send the link
AA [Janina]: Contact Tony Stancos

Mission Statement:
Janina: we need a clause or a way to signify in our mission that we will "l=
ook at the whole stack" and for what's in scope, we'll develop standards, f=
or what's out of scope, we'll talk to the respective in-scope groups (i.e.,=
 hand it off).

Doug: We're approved to be an advisor.

Current mission:
Consider the full software stack (from BIOS and Boot loader to the console =
and desktop), in order to develop and promote a set of accessibility standa=
rds with the LSB with the goal of increaseing overall accessibility, foster=
ing interability, and binary compatiability on Open Source, LSB platforms.

Bill: That's too long?

Janina's simpler language:
	Consider the full software stack to develop and promote free and open acce=
ssibility standards and reccomendations, as appropriate

Goals / activities will be a separate enumerated list.

Bill: I would be really excited if there were a litle LSB Accessibility WG =
at CSUN next year.

Goals: Should include creation / existence =

AA: Send Doug Professor David Dill's contact info

Bill: How can we sanity check the standards we create?
Doug: We can bring people in; experts.  Could go to LSB-Futures group, they=
 have a useful related checklist.

Raman: Keep recruitement of technical people lightweight; don't ask them to=
 be a formal member of this WG

	1) Find areas we need to make accessible
	2) Find out who is working in those areas (not on accessibility, just in g=
	3) Make friends with those people

Bill: We shouldn't start with application certification, too daunting.  I t=
hink we should concentrate on platform services; this is what the AT needs.=
  Find the mechanisms that AT would need to hook into it.

Jonathan: We currently have desktop-console dichotomoty (+ desktop)

Bill: Unrealistic we'll write and find someone to implement a new API; inst=
ead we should work off of pre-existing standards, namley AT-SPI.  But TV an=
d Janina can help add new features to AT-SPI that make it more optimal for =
the console.  Only existing API that is a good one is a GNOME one.

AA [JP]: Send 508 document to the mailing list.

Raman: You may make accessible more applications, but you may make the job =
of the console application writer more difficult.

Raman: I should talk to Kirk Reiser

Bill: Just describing what's in the text buffer is not useful, you lose sem=
antic information.

Doug: Find someone who can do webmastering?

AA [Janina]: I could start that.

Bill: A private web site; don't spend too much time on it.

Sharon Snieder: I can help

AA [Sharon]: She can help with HTML; talk to Doug about it

AA [Jonathan]: Talk to Nalin (Gnome-Terminal) creator.

Next meeting: next wednesday at 2:00 US Eastern, 11:00 Pacific

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