[Accessibility] Fwd: Gnome and KDE viewpoint on the future of the X Window System]

Bill Haneman bill.haneman at sun.com
Wed Mar 26 05:24:55 PST 2003

Hi Janina:

The email you forwarded is fallout from an apparently imminent fork in
the XFree86 server, lots of history and politics there.  Interestingly,
the "XFIXES" extension which Keith Packard wrote and committed to
XFree86 just before the feature freeze for XFree 4.3, and which
precipitated the current crisis, was developed partly in support of
accessibility needs.  Keith very graciously credited me with a thank you
in the extension docs, which may embroil me in this a bit (!) but really
I just provided feedback on the APIs.

However it does point out that there are a number of areas where
accessibility needs changes/additional features from X, and I hope that
whatever happens we end up with a server that allows timely delivery of
features that are critical to accessibility support.

By the way, did you see the announcement about a linux kernel patch that
allows interception and injection of keyboard events?  I will try to
forward it to this list; it could potentially be very important to us as
you can probably imagine.

- Bill

On Tue, 2003-03-25 at 20:03, Janina Sajka wrote:
> I found the following interesting and relevant to our discussions. I would hope our efforts on behalf of desktop
> accessibility might fit well into just this kind of approach. Certainly, it seems useful to note that we're not the only
> group which wants GNOME and KDE to move toward compatibility.
> -- 
> 				Janina Sajka, Director
> 				Technology Research and Development
> 				Governmental Relations Group
> 				American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)
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> From: Daniel Veillard <veillard at redhat.com>
> To: foundation-announce at gnome.org
> Cc: foundation-list at gnome.org
> Subject: Gnome and KDE viewpoint on the future of the X Window System
> Date: 24 Mar 2003 10:03:14 -0500
> A sizeable group of developers from the two leading free software
> projects developing desktops based on the X Window System, KDE and
> GNOME, have been discussing the current situation among themselves
> and decided to draft and release this document.
> We acknowledge the dedication of the XFree86 project in providing us a
> free and innovative implementation of the X11 industry standard,
> something we benefit from on a daily basis.  Therefore, we want to
> share our joint point of view with the community.
>  1. XFree86's recent technical progress, culminating in the 4.3
>     release, brought significant advancements to the X desktop. Prior
>     X Window System implementations were lagging behind the needs of
>     modern desktop users.
>     Cursor theming, simplified font configuration, dynamic screen
>     resizing, and so on address long-overdue usability issues with X
>     desktops. XFree86's robust solutions in these areas have been
>     invaluable.
>     However, the work is not done. Our goal is to provide the
>     community with desktop systems far beyond what anyone offers
>     today. We are ready to take advantage of an X Window System
>     implementation that continues to innovate.
>  2. GNOME and KDE have two interests in X:
>      - We would like to have a single organization where X innovation
>        occurs. By innovation, we mean the definition of new APIs,
>        specifications, and features - new additions to the foundations
>        that KDE and GNOME rely on.
>      - We would like to have a frequently-released, robust, stable,
>        open source implementation of these APIs, specifications, and
>        features.
>     We are explicitly distinguishing innovation from implementation,
>     because standards should be adequate to allow multiple
>     fully-interoperable implementations.
>     Within the development organization responsible for defining and
>     crafting new features to be adopted as standards, innovation
>     should happen in the open, with all affected parties able to
>     participate early in the process.
>  3. We do not want to take sides on the recent political wrangling of
>     who did what when and who should be in charge. Our hope is that as
>     a community we can find a way to involve everyone in X's
>     development and move forward with solving technical challenges.
>  4. It makes sense to us if the organization responsible for X
>     innovation also develops the most widely used open source
>     reference implementation. This ensures an emphasis on working
>     code, and provides a pool of active technical expertise.
>  5. We would like to see this forum work toward a unified
>     organization, governed by active contributors, that implements,
>     deploys, and standardizes new X innovations.
>     We do not want to take an a priori position on how this
>     organization should be organized or governed - that is a
>     conversation we're trying to start, rather than one we're trying
>     to end. We trust and will support the X community as they work to
>     address this issue.
> Best wishes
> Waldo Bastian
> Jonathan Blandford
> David Faure
> Glynn Foster
> Jody Goldberg
> James Henstridge
> Miguel de Icaza
> Antonio Larrosa Jiménez
> Stephan Kulow
> Daniel Molkentin
> Dirk Mueller
> Ralf Nolden
> Havoc Pennington
> Zack Rusin
> Daniel Veillard
> Jeff Waugh
Bill Haneman <bill.haneman at sun.com>

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