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marco skambraks marco at suse.de
Thu Mar 27 03:10:06 PST 2003

hi @ all,
On Wed, 26 Mar 2003, Doug Beattie wrote:

> I'll let Marco introduce himself with a reply back to the list.
> Welcome Marco.
thnaks Doug, for inviting me to this list

now a short overview:
before I came to SuSE dez. 1999 I worked as a product-manager for
papenmeier (german brailledisplay manufactury)
in my freetime I developed a screenreader for linux based on brltty
and I improved it when started work for SuSE
with suse linux 7.0 came the first release of suse-blinux (sbl)
the screenreader is included in the normal suse distri
so, blind people can use suse with braille and speech without any
additional software
our installation tool yast is also able to detect brailledisplays
and starts the screenreader at installation time
so, blind users are able to install suse with a brailledisplay without
sighted help
that was our main target!

currently I try to improve the speech-support in sbl special for
soft-speech like mbrola

ok, that's it :-)

best regards marco

> Doug
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