[Accessibility] About our press release

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Mon Nov 10 14:24:06 PST 2003

Following our regular Workgroup meeting last week, I contacted Scott
McNeil regarding our press release and the timing of its release.

Scott will join our call Wednesday so we can come to closure
on this issue with all interested parties participating in the

In addition to the full, formal release, which will go out at the time
we agree, we are proposing an immediate community announcement of just a
few sentences saying something along the following lines:

"The Free Standards Group is pleased to announce the formation of a new
Accessibility Workgroup tasked with developing and supporting standards
to make free and open operating environments accessible to persons with
disabilities. The initial membership includes participants from
corporate, developer, and disability communities and is expected to
expand in order to engage all stakeholder constituencies. Additional
information will follow in a public press release in early January."

Janina Sajka
Email: janina at rednote.net		
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Director, Technology Research and Development
American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)

Chair, Accessibility Work Group
Free Standards Group

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