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Here are the four quotes I have as of now. If you have sent in a quote
which is not here, please resend it as I've obviously missed getting it.
We remain open to additional quotes, of course.


"IBM is pleased that the Free Standards Group has formed an international,
cross-disability, industry-wide effort to address accessibility. IBM is a
strong supporter of open standards and we are pleased to see this taken to
the international level. The ultimate benefactors are persons with
disabilities. It is our hope that through the work of this organization and
the international community the barriers to accessibility will be removed.
Through free and open standards it is our hope that all people will have
access to information anytime, anywhere, and on any device."

Rich Schwerdtfeger
Senior Technical Staff Member
Software Group Accessibility Strategist
Chair, IBM Accessibility Architecture Review  Board


"As a platinum member of the Free Standards Group (FSG) and an active
participant in the Linux Standard Base workgroup, IBM is thrilled to be
part of the FSG's new accessibility project.  We welcome the opportunity to
provide our accessibility experience and insight to this effort and are
committed to open standards that benefit the largest number of people."

Frances West
Director - IBM Worldwide Accessibility Center


"Equal access to information technology is a key element of GNOME's
mission.  Accessibility support is a core element of the GNOME desktop
environment and developer platform, rather than being just an
afterthought.  The GNOME Foundation Board of Directors strongly supports
the creation of FSG's Accessibility Working Group and the Working
Group's goal of universal access."


"Although there are many ongoing efforts to help persons with disabilities use Linux systems, most Linux GUIs are still inaccessible to blind persons
present many obstacles to people who cannot operate a standard keyboard or mouse.
We do not want to support this social exclusion but rather see the support for handicapped persons as an important feature for every software. The KDE
accessibility team knows about the problem and they are working on improving the accessibility of KDE.
In order to get a completely accessible system, applications that use other toolkits need to be accessible as well. In this sense KDE based assistive
technologies need to interoperate well with applications using other toolkits and vice versa. We appreciate the foundation of the FSG Accessibility
Workgroup and are very pleased to announce our participation."


Janina Sajka
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American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)

Chair, Accessibility Work Group
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