[Accessibility] Linux Accessibility workgroup November 12, 2003 Draft Minutes

Bill Haneman Bill.Haneman at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 13 03:56:59 PST 2003

Some comments/corrections:
> Doug- how close are the current distributions to supporting xkb?
> Earl- Windows and Mac don’t use xkb.  Solaris supports xkb.  In the keyboard
> accessibility the features, all of them support a similar set of features
> (Sticky keys, slowkeys, mousekeys, etc.)
I believe XKB is available on Mac Os X.

> Bill- this is Linux World in New York.  We need to see which of the group
> will be in New York and available.
This wasn't me, not sure who said this.

> Looking toward end of year – we have a lot of holidays- should we skip those
> weeks?
> Bill – if we have burning issues those weeks, have the meeting at another
> time.
Peter said the latter, not me.



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