[Accessibility] Draft meeting minutes for meeting of November 19.

Peter Korn Peter.Korn at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 20 17:19:20 PST 2003

Hi Randall,

A couple of minutes corrections for ya, and also my response to my action
item, below.

> ...
> Peter:
> 1. Obtain infromation on Braille Com (spelling?) and send to group email
> list.

I believe this was someone else's action.  Janina perhaps?

> 2. Send out list of all of the stake holders. People like Baum, for
> example.

Thomas Friehoff, VP of Engineering for BAUM <tf at baum.de>

Jutta Treviranus of University of Toronto <jutta.treviranus at utoronto.ca>

Matthew Garrett <mjg59 at srcf.ucam.org>

Dave Mielke <dave at mielke.cc>

> ...
> Janina-Will it be ok to invite KDE folks to a GNOME event.
> Peter-Doesn't believe so.

This is a misunderstanding.  I don't believe it will be a problem to invite
KDE folks to a GNOME event.  Same statement as Jonathan's (below), but with
different wording.

> Jonathan-Probably not a problem
> ...
> Janina-Any one else dealt with small Prague company called Braille Com
> (spelling?). They've
> built another interface on Emacs.
> Peter-Send info on this company to list?
> Janina-Sure.
> Peter-Peter to be given action item. (see above)

I think it was Janina that was given the action, upon my request, to send
info to the list about the company Braille Com.

> ...
> Bill-Strictly parallel would break down. But might be able to break out.
> Peter-Doesn't think so.

I didn't think a completely parallel setup would work, with year 1 parallel
to year 2.  I have no such concerns about breakout sessions.


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