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The meeting minutes have been posted to the Web.
Sorry I missed the meeting , my grandson was born last week and I had to
take an early trip out of town :-)

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Here are the updated minutes from the November 19 meeting. Thanks to those
of you who had comments.

Meeting minutes 11/19/2003

November 19, 2003 Draft Minutes Linux Accessibility workgroup

Doug Beattie
Jonathan Blanford
Bill Haneman
Randy Horwitz
Peter Korn
Janina Sajka
Gunnar Schmidt
Matthew Wilcox

Action item updates:
Update: Janina is still trying to chase down Greg V. He is in the midst of
working on a grant, Janina will checkpoint in a

week or so. Will email first, and then call.

Send out list of all of the stake holders. People like Baum, for example.

  See email from Peter with these individuals.

1. Obtain infromation on Braille Com (spelling?) and send to group email
2. Write up sample face to face meeting invite and post to group email list
for comment.

Minutes from the Nov.12 meeting were accepted without further changes.

Press Release:

The Press Release Draft iss out to most folks who wanted it. If you want
one and have not gotten it, send Janina an email.

Discussion on year 2 items:

Janina- Need to do now so we can make sure that the NSF will help us out
monetarily for a face to face . There seems to be an

interest from them. Good sign. Believes AT-SPI and shared IO could
certainly benerfit.
Janina-Further, good to have support from non-corporatee entities.

Janina- when and where. May want to get an idea of time pretty soon

Randy-Are we looking for a general timeframe then?

Janina-Hopefully before the end of June, with a March to June window being

Bill-Any one remember the GUADEC? date

(Peter returns)

(Willy joins)

Peter-Recommends before or after CSUN in LA.

Janina-perfectly happy to do it then. Better for fundraising. Suspects NSF
will put up a nice meeting for us.

Bill-feels strongly in favor of a dedicated time meeting. May add to costs.

Doug-What about Monday after CSUN

Peter-Also ATIA in January

Janina-I doubt we can get everything that needs to be done in time.

Janina-Where is GUADEC this year?


Janina-Will it be ok to invite KDE folks to a GNOME event.

Peter-I don't believe it will be a problem to invite KDE folks to a GNOME

Jonathan-Probably not a problem

General Group Comment-Burn out stilll a factor follwing GUADEC.

Bill-Still thinks separate conference is the best.



Janina-Hawaii? NSF money should be ok.

Doug-Talked with Neil, he is  investigating lodging to get us better rates.

Doug-Hawaii-From Neil $40 a night for lodging. $300-800 round trip out
there, depending on location.


Janina- April open. May has two conferences. June pretty wide open.

Janina-Likes April.

Doug-If April August Linux World may be a good idea.

Janina-Shoot for April?

Jonathan-Out of town starting April 28 but the rest looks ok.

Doug-Purpose and goals for this meeting? This has to go in NSF write up

Who will be there:

Janina-Who do we need to bring? Want most bang for buck from NSF. Does this
seem reasonable?

Doug-Is this within the (NSF) budget?

Janina-Believes so

Janina-We need to determine the topics

Doug-Travel budgets of companies?

Peter-Has to check.

Jonathan-Maybe. May be tough to sell management on Hawaii.

Doug-Maybe best to start with who else can go?

Peter-Michael Meeks

Gunnar-Believes we need to invite some one from Trolltech, especially if we
are going to be talking AT-SPI.

Doug-Aaron Seigo from KDE may be a good idea.

Willy-Mario Lang from Debian.

Janina-Any one else dealt with small Prague company called Braille Com
(spelling?). They've built another interface on Emacs.

Peter-Send info on this company to list?


Janina to be given action item to send this info to the list. (see items

Doug-John Goldthwaite?
Janina-Definitely. We need John.

More individuals:

Janina-Do we need a strategy to start mining other folks to do work?

Randy-Not a bad idea.

Janina-Do we re-articulate things that might have engineering work
opportunities? We want to work with folks?

Doug-How about we make our face to face a Brainstorming opportunity?

Janina-We have an action item to put together a statement helping folks to
come and Brainstorm. Contact us if they are

interested in doing a Brainstorming session?

Doug-Don't put in some one will pay for them or where. Those who want to
input email back to Janina. Then we can look at the

sincere ones?

Janina-Willl post to Accessibility list. Will give approximate dates.

Doug-Could be kickoff for getting year 2 and 3 stuff moving.

Agenda for face to face:

Janina-Agenda for this meeting. How will it go?

Peter-Not sure will have enough folks for formal plenaries.

Doug-If we get enough of the right folks to expand topics.

Bill- We need to get as much done as we can on year 1 items.

Janina-Agrees. Want stuff at least rolling.
bill-Road map on year 2 items also.

bill-First is more concrete, second will be brainstorming.

Janina-Folks for brainstorming session may not have to be at meeting as

Randy-Could save on lodging for some, and thus slim budgets.

Doug-First Brainstorming and then the year 1 folks can stay longer.

Janina-Will be able to have a meeting. May be easier to start Brainstorming
and work backwards.

Bill-Brainstorming could expand to fill all available time. Want concrete
finalization of year 1 items. Break the day up

between the two.

Janina wants to see these two things happen at the end of this face to
1. Wants year one groups to really have made some progress. Can see that
really moving forward
2. Year 2: Brainstorming on what kind of coarse grained things can be
written. What do we want money for.

Randy-Makes sense, and can't we do some of these items in Parallel, or do
we want the entire core group available for every

single meeting?

Bill-Strictly parallel would break down. But might be able to break out.

Peter-Didn't think a completely parallel setup would work, with year 1
parallel to year 2.
Has no problem with break-out


Bill-For instance the device io stuff could be taking place same time as
discussion keyboard accessibility.

NSF Proposal:

Janina-Do we have list of things we need to address in the NSF "2-pager"

Doug-Listing specific meetings, Cost estimates. People and why. Initial
list of attendees will be needed.

Other stake holders to invite:

Peter- Baum, UToronto...  Will take action item to list all of the stake

Bill-He thinks it is more important to have people who aren't already part

Janina-Only active folks currently is not good.

Peter-Most important are the toolkit folks. any large aps that are custom.

Bill-Is not sure about that. If some one is already doing that, how much do
they get out of this?

Peter-They might contribute experiences as to how they did things.

Janina-We do need some folks who are implementing and doing this now.

Bill-General caution Does not want to be exclusive, but the more people
involved the more difficult it will be to begin

moving forward.

Doug-Touch on areas that could bennifit from Kernel folks like Alan Cox and
Willy from Debian?

Willy-Mario knows more about general Accessibility.

What next:

Bill-Do we postpone year 2 discussions?

Janina-Need to start thinking about this now. The overall point is

Janina-Do we start to think about year 2 in general?

Doug-That other year 1 work has gone to sub-committee. This more general.
Sub-teams can req times on the agenda if needed.

Janina-These groups may need to be pinned down further.

Next up: Year 1 re-visited. and how to start organizing for year 2?

Randy Horwitz
IBM Accessibility Center
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Phone: (512) 838 8416
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"Don't mistake activity for achievement".
-- John Wooden

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