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The minutes have been posted to the Web site and include Doug and Matthew's

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Meeting minutes 10/1/03

A meeting of the Accessibility Working Group was held by teleconference on
Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2003, at 18:00 UTC


Doug Beattie
Jonathan Blanford
John Goldthwaite
Bill Haneman
Peter Korn
Janina Sajka
Gunnar Schmidt
Sharon Snider
Matthew Wilcox

Action Items:

All- send names of people that we should contact for quotes
Janina- draft a set of generic quotes from section 1

Changes to last weeks minutes
Not clear what the letter V2 is writing to JVT.

Earl Johnson is an engineer but his expertise is not on the implementation
side, rather in functional requirements, regulatory requirements, and best
practice (just as a informational point).

Peter Korn introduction- started working on accessibility with Outspoken
for the MacIntosh, continued with Java accessibility, Gnome and Mozilla.

  Janina- talked to Kirk about Shared I/O.  We do want him
participating.  She sent email to Mario ccd Kirk but havent heard from
him.  We now have lists set up for each of the year one task items.

John -asked Kate Vanderheiden about Trace center IP on Access
utilites.  She didn't know but will check on the status of copyright or
trade mark for the names of features in AccessX- stickykeys, Repeat Keys,
bounce keys, slow keys and toggle keys.

  Doug- Trace needs to assign license to LSB to use the namesin the
documents but not assign the rights to a third party.  Dont have to have
right to pass on to others.

Bill- xkb is already a public specification.  It is only a matter of the
names and using those in documentation.

Janina- need to do some work on the webpage before we go public.  Remove
some of the jargon, take off Draft status. Provide a short explanation of
what we are doing; links to the three subcommittees that were forming;
Charter document;   Janina with work with Sharon to see what needs to be

Sharon- need explanation of what subcommittees are doing

Doug  - how to sign up for email lists, like LSB list info.

  The subcommittees we have formed are AT-SPI, I/O, and KBD.

  Janina will be in Wisconsin on V2 meeting next week.  Do we want to have
a meeting next week or skip a week? Only one meeting between now and the
press release, do we want to get quotes from companies, i.e.- IBM, SUN.

  Peter - what sort of name recognition are we looking for, business or
disability community?  How high up in the company?  It will be difficult to
get quotes from senior people by Oct. 21.  We would need to have some
suggested comments in front of their administrative people in a couple of
days if its going to get cleared and signed.

Janina- we want comments for the presentation now and one at Linux World in

Doug- Need to show that there is consistent support from Gnome, KDE, Suse,
and other vendors.  Quotes from our group will show that there is agreement
at the engineering level.

Peter- show endorsement from the open source community and universities
now.  Can get the large companies later.  Our names are good but its not
like having Scott McNealy.  We should not go out with a name from just one
company if we can get several in just a little more days.

Janina- lets work on it and get something together by Friday.

Bill- we will have to have it vetted within our companies before Friday.

Janina- we hit on most of the critical issues in section A.  Will go
through it and distribute it today.

John- can get the CATEA center director but not sure of Dr. Clough, the Ga.
Tech president.  Well have to work on it.

Bill- more wouldn't be a bad thing.  Do we want people in the disability
community such as Peter Chong, deaf community, AFB.   ATIA interoperability
group- Sharon is in this group now.

Sharon- people at Accessibility center know about it.

  Janina- want to let these people about it before it comes out.  They
would look favorably on it if we asked them to comment before the public

Bill- share list of contacts on the group listserv and then we can divide
up the list to contact people.

Bill- who is issuing the press release?  Do we have policy on companies
doing a press release?

Doug- FSB is doing the press release.  Companies doing releases at the same
time would need to be Free Standard Board members, he will need to check
with Scott McNeil on this.

  Janina met with Mark Wilson who did an analysis of how the government
should proceed with 508 (not implemented).  He also works on security which
the other hot topic in Washington. He is knowledgeable about accessibility

  Bill volunteered for keyboard and AT-SPI, Earl Johnson volunteered for

James Simmons and Tazlik Vojtec(Suse) have worked on console and could be

Peter- what about people working on AT - Baum, Dasher, Kmouth, U. London?

Gunner- KDE accessibility project is only a small group; Possibly the
author of Kmagnifier.

Peter- Get comments from people working on applications that are designed
to be accessible- Mozilla, StarOffice, Jody&,   People with large complex
projects that are making an effort to implement the accessibility
architecture.  Let people know that they think this is important.

 Currently there is no meeting scheduled for next week.  We may need one so
watch for messages from Janina.

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