[Accessibility] New list of FAQs

Sharon D Snider snidersd at us.ibm.com
Wed Oct 15 14:00:13 PDT 2003

The following is a list of new FAQs that I have written based on everyone's
comments, which are greatly appreciated. I also, reviewed the LSB FAQs to
get a feel for the types of questions they are asking. I've answered a few
of the questions with content from our existing documentation to help get
us started.

Please take a moment to review the new list of FAQs and provide answers,
comments, or rewrites.

Thank you,
Sharon Snider
Linux Accessibility
IBM Linux Technology Services
(512) 838-4127, T/L 678-4127

1. Why are Accessibility standards important?

2. Who benefits by the tasks performed by the Workgroup?
The principle beneficiaries of FSG Accessibility Standards will, of course,
be persons with disabilities worldwide. They are the reason for these
standards. However, the wider world of developers and marketers of
technologies based on free standards will also benefit.

3. Who can participate in the Workgroup?

4. How can I get involved?
If you would like to get involved, please send an email to
<a href="mailto:janina at rednote.net">Accessibility Workgroup Chair</a>.

5. What projects are planned for this year?

6. Who are the Accessibility standards written for?
- Application developers will be empowered to support users with
disabilities in a straight forward manner.
- Marketers of distributions based on free standards will be able to
include accessibility support in their distributions.
- Developers of assistive technologies will be empowered to focus their
energies on the creation of innovative solutions.

7. Why isn't my issue included in the roadmap or tasks?

8. What is the value of the Workgroup's efforts?
The Accessibility Workgroup will provide the standards and the best
practices guidance for the implementation of consistent and robust user
support for individuals with disabilities across any and all platforms that
implement free and open standards.

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