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On Sunday 19 October 2003 23:52, Gunnar Schmi Dt wrote:
> Hello,
> As promised during our last meeting, here is the statement from KDE. In
> this statement the kde-accessibility and kde-promo mailing lists were
> involved.
> <statement>
> [...]
> involved in accessibility.
> </statement>
Bill has pointed out some shortcomings in the wording of the last sentence.

The KDE Accessibility maintainers agreed on changing it as follows:

Although there are many ongoing efforts to help persons with disabilities use 
Linux systems, most Linux GUIs are still inaccessible to blind persons and 
present many obstacles to people who cannot operate a standard keyboard or 

We do not want to support this social exclusion but rather see the support for 
handicapped persons as an important feature for every software. The KDE 
accessibility team knows about the problem and they are working on improving 
the accessibility of KDE.

In order to get a completely accessible system, applications that use other 
toolkits need to be accessible as well. In this sense KDE based assistive 
technologies need to interoperate well with applications using other toolkits 
and vice versa. We appreciate the foundation of the FSG Accessibility 
Workgroup and are very pleased to announce our participation.

Gunnar Schmi Dt

> Olaf Schmidt (my brother) has put this statement onto the
> accessibility.kde.org web site together with some additional information
> about both the LSB workgroup and the current state of KDE in respect to
> accessibility.
> The URL is http://accessibility.kde.org/developer/fsg-statement.php

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