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The minutes have been posted to the Web site.

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I am sending the following on behalf of John. We hope be next week he
will have an address that allows him to post directly. :-)

       Meeting minutes 9/3/03

A meeting of the Accessibility Working Group was held by teleconference
on Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2003, at 2:00 PM U.S. Eastern Time.

Doug Beattie
Jonathan Blanford
John Goldthwaite
Randy Horowitz, IBM
Janina Sajka
Gunnar Schmidt
Sharon Snider
Matthew Wilcox

Action Items:

3. Xkb - Janina will look at Bill's xkb proposal and see if we can reuse
4. Text-only accessible booting - Janina with Matthew Wilcox, Kirk
5. Guidelines for Sys admins - Janina with help from Doug
7. Text-to-speech - Janina will talk to Marc Mulcahy
8. V2 - Janina
9. Sys Admin - Janina
10. Installation - Janina
11. Braille - Janina has written to Mario.
12. Structured navigation - Janina

2. AT device handling

Jonathan & Bill-
1. AT-SPI - work with Peter Korn on this.
6. Service API Support for Magnification  - Jonathan will talk to Peter.
- Language suggestions to take emphasis off Assistive Tech in section A & B

13. Voice I/O
- Check to see if Access utilities are patented by U. Wisconsin.


Minutes for last week approved.

Gunnar gave a summary of KDE conference. KDE Accessibility project
documented AT-SPI.  Trolltech is extending Access architecture.  Two
talks; Overview of accessibility and what is currently available.  A
second talk was on ATK and AT architecture.

Review of Janina's edits

1.    AT-SPI - accepted without changes

2.    AT device Shared I/O - Ask Mario Lang and Kirk Reiser to handle this
      item; Janina will contact them and ask them to review this.
      Fix spelling errors: simultaneous and queue

3.    Keyboard accessibility - okay as is.  XKB adopted as part of xfree86.
      url: http://ftp.x.org/pub/R6.4/xc/doc/specs/XKB/XKBlib/allchaps.ps
      Need to know that these are open standards.  Check to see if Access
      utilities are patented by U.  Wisconsin.

4.    Text boot - okay as is.

5.    Guidelines for sys admins - further clarification
a.    Sys admin tools must be accessible, keep them accessible as they
      become more sophisticated

b.    Tools which assist in configuration of accessibility features -
      sysadmin doesn't have to be as knowledgeable about accessibility.
      Users can easily adjust feature for themselves as their needs change

6.    Magnification - okay after deleting notes from last weeks minutes
      (first two paragraphs). Request that SUN take the lead on

7.    Text to Speech - drop "for itself", rewrite last line. KDE has
      text to speech daemon in development which would benefit from
      standardization. There is a fair amount available from Festvox
      at CMU for creation of voice.  Need tools that make it easier for
      less technically-oriented user to create voices.

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