[Accessibility] Sec2b Item 4: Text Only Accessible Booting

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Mon Sep 8 10:43:34 PDT 2003

	5.)	Guidelines for Sys Admins
It should be possible for System Administrators who are themselves persons with disabilities to continue in their profession even as new tools
supporting system administration are developed. In addition it should be possible for system administrators to assist users of their systems who are
persons with disabilities to define user interface configurations, including alternate configurations, appropriate to their needs. Scripted wizards and
best practices documentation need to be developed to facilitate the process of providing appropriate end user configurations on individual workstations.

Too often the user is left to their own knowledge to configure their interface because technical support may not be sufficiently knowledgable about
available configuration options. Yet most of what users need can be documented and exposed in a systematic manner. And users whose needs may vary day to
day should have the ability to easily select an alternate configuration as their needs change during system use.

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