[Accessibility] Sec2b Item 7: Text To Speech

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Mon Sep 8 12:10:16 PDT 2003

	7.)	Text To Speech (TTS)

It should be possible for language communities to develop text to speech voices, just as communities can develop fonts. We propose to
develop a TTS voice creation API to simplify and systemetize the process of creating new voices.  This project will also adopt or develop standardized
mark up for spoken dialog, and provide an API for text-to-speech services (such as JSAPI). 

This will benefit persons with disabilities who do not understand the more common languages that assistive technologies are likely to support.
It will facilitate the inclusion of vast populations around the globe who might otherwise not participate in a technology based economy.

				Janina Sajka, Director
				Technology Research and Development
				Governmental Relations Group
				American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)

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