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Allen Wilson wilsona at us.ibm.com
Thu Sep 11 09:48:21 PDT 2003

Greetings all,

9 of Sec2b, Guidelines for System Administrators, seems to have at least
two different roles included, system and application administration and
user technical support.  The tools and techniques used in each role is
different.  As an example, the system administrator role might include
operating system setup and administration of the system's operating system,
application setup and administration for applications such as Apache HTTP
server, and the use of system management tools such as data backup and
recovery application.  The technical support role includes system setup and
configuration for user desktop systems, application support from a user's
perspective as opposed to application administration, and the use of a
different support applications such as a trouble ticket tracking system.

Paragraphs two and three seem to cover the technical support role but do
not address the system and application administration role.  The following
paragraph might help clarify the administration role.

Professional system and application administrators are responsible for the
installation, configuration, and management of a system's operation system,
applications, and system management tools.  An example is a system running
the Apache HTTP server using a "Web-based Distribute Authoring and
Versioning" (WebDAV) tool.  Administrators use commands, tools, and
documentation that are not normally available nor useful to
nonadministrative users.  Nevertheless, these operating system and
application administration resources need to support the same accessibility
facilities, best practices, and assistive technologies that are generally
available to any user who needs them.


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