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I like your rewrite of the last 2 paragraphs into the one you have

I would only make one minor change.

In the last sentence, change "available to any user who needs them" to
"available to any adminstrator who needs them".

Just a thought.

I'd be satisfied with this for #9.


On Thu, Sep 11, 2003 at 11:48:21AM -0500, Allen Wilson wrote:
> Greetings all,
> 9 of Sec2b, Guidelines for System Administrators, seems to have at least
> two different roles included, system and application administration and
> user technical support.  The tools and techniques used in each role is
> different.  As an example, the system administrator role might include
> operating system setup and administration of the system's operating system,
> application setup and administration for applications such as Apache HTTP
> server, and the use of system management tools such as data backup and
> recovery application.  The technical support role includes system setup and
> configuration for user desktop systems, application support from a user's
> perspective as opposed to application administration, and the use of a
> different support applications such as a trouble ticket tracking system.
> Paragraphs two and three seem to cover the technical support role but do
> not address the system and application administration role.  The following
> paragraph might help clarify the administration role.
> Professional system and application administrators are responsible for the
> installation, configuration, and management of a system's operation system,
> applications, and system management tools.  An example is a system running
> the Apache HTTP server using a "Web-based Distribute Authoring and
> Versioning" (WebDAV) tool.  Administrators use commands, tools, and
> documentation that are not normally available nor useful to
> nonadministrative users.  Nevertheless, these operating system and
> application administration resources need to support the same accessibility
> facilities, best practices, and assistive technologies that are generally
> available to any user who needs them.
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