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When reading once more through the document, I found that the wording "KDE's 
Qt toolkit" in the first section might be somewhat misleading:

On Wednesday 10 September 2003 19:47, Janina Sajka wrote:
> 1.)AT-SPI (Year One)
> The Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface (AT-SPI) was developed
> for the GNOME2 desktop and its approach to providing accessibility is in
> the process of being adopted by KDE.
> AT-SPI is toolkit-neutral. It is already compatible with and supported by
> GTK+ 2, Java/Swing, the Mozilla suite, and StarOffice/OpenOffice.  Support
> via reuse of the related ATK interface in version 4 of KDE's Qt toolkit has
> been announced by TrollTech.
- From the wording you could guess that Qt was developed by KDE developers. In 
fact Qt is written by TrollTech (which is not a part of KDE) and KDE is based 
on Qt.

I would suggest to change the last sentence to:

Support via reuse of the related ATK interface in version 4 of the Qt toolkit 
(which KDE is based on) has been announced by TrollTech.

> AT-SPI enables assistive technology tools, e.g. screen readers, magnifiers,
> and even scripting interfaces to query and interact with graphical user
> interface (GUI) controls." As such it facilitates access for individuals
> who cannot use the standard GUI. It enables developers (or a third party)
> to build applications that are, or can be made accessible. The AT-SPI
> enables developers and distributions to meet the accessibility requirements
> of many individual and corporate customers.
> AT-SPI is an existing mature API that we propose to adopt.
> 2.) AT Device Shared I/O (Year One)

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