[Accessibility] Meeting minutes 9/17/2003

Doug Beattie dbb at linkexplorer.com
Mon Sep 22 09:41:27 PDT 2003


Per my action item below here are some links to review.

We can use, if we desire -- and I suggest we do as the model is proven,
the program for testing and certifcation the LSB has put in place.
(No use re-inventing the wheel if we can borrow much from it. :-)

To understand the certification program please see:

The actual policy goverening the certification can be read at:

The product standard and conformance statement references can be found at:

All LSB test suites, for past as well as current specs can be found
at: ftp://ftp.freestandards.org/pub/lsb/test_suites/

These and anything else we should need to review for discussion about
certification testing can all be found at:

TET Info:

For general details on how to develop TET based test suites for the LSB:

See this document on how to analyse test failures:

For guidance on writing tests also see the TET Programmers Guide:

Hope this give you enough to get started with.


On Sat, Sep 20, 2003 at 04:15:27PM -0600, Sharon D Snider wrote:
> Meeting minutes 9/17/2003 draft
> A meeting of the Accessibility Working Group was held
> by teleconference on Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2003, at
> 18:00 UTC
> Attending:
> Doug Beattie, Free Standards Board
> Randy Horwitz, IBM
> Janina Sajka, American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)
> Gunnar Schmidt, KDE
> Sharon Snider, IBM
> Matthew Wilcox, HP, Linux kernel developer group
> Alan Wilson, IBM
> Bill Haneman, Sun
> Action Items:
> John - Check to see if Access utilities are patented by U. Wisconsin.
> Doug - LSB test information and Web sites for TET.

Doug Beattie
dbb at linkexplorer.com

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