[Accessibility] Draft minutes for Accessibility Working Group Meeting April 7, 2004

John Goldthwaite john.goldthwaite at catea.org
Wed Apr 7 13:50:06 PDT 2004

Accessibility Working Group Meeting April 7, 2004

Doug Beattie
Sandy Gabrielli
John Goldthwaite
Bill Haneman
Randy Horwitz
Janina Sajka
Sharon Snider
Kris Van Hees
Matthew Wilcox
Allen Wilson

Congratulations to Doug on becoming a grandfather.

Minutes for March 31 approved as posted.
Janina has written to Gregg Vanderheiden at Trace on their Intellectual
property agreement and about having someone from Trace participate in the
group.  Things are very busy in the V2 working group due to sections that
are about to go public.

Discussion on problem with having the meeting in US since Mario and Gunnar
prefer not to travel here due to the fingerprinting requirements for foreign

Bill-  We have a mission here and it would be a shame if we missed out on an
opportunity to do something with global impact because of the decisions of
one government.  I hope every one will think long and hard before making a
Janina- Should we continue with the conference proposal since its something
we could shop it elsewhere
John – does it have to be in the US for NSF?  Can we do it in Toronto?
Janina- I believe it is a requirement.  We could have dial in for people
that could not attend.
Bill- this is a statutory thing for NSF so they couldn’t change that.  I
wouldn’t want to push that with them.
Randy- I’d go with the phone option.  This is a good funding opportunity and
I’d hate to pass it up.
Janina- we can budget for the voice line. It should only be a couple hundred
dollars for VoIP.  It may be cheaper than the cost of the travel and hotel.
I think we should go ahead and submit the proposal with a request for
telecommunications without making a political statement since there is not
much that NSF can do about it.
Matthew- I’m not thrilled about being on the phone all day but it could
Janina- We’d rather have you in the room.  We should also try to have an
international meeting such as the Linux meeting you are having in Ottawa.
Doug- we should try to have a camera in the room.
Janina- we can get the – 
 Braille output  .. firewall
Sandy- we’re trying to get fiber optics into our building in Hawaii.  I’m
not sure whether its inside or outside the firewall.
Janina- its usual depends on what equipment and software the IT department
is using.  This group should be able to work that out.  Lets talk about
preference-  I’d just as soon it would be Hawaii in January.
Sandy- that sounds good, it’s usually beautiful here in January.  How much
do we want to involve the development community?
Janina- Do you mean the Linux development community?
Sandy- the assistive technology development community.  We aught to make
sure we don’t overlap with ATIA in January.
Janina- we should be sure we’re not.  It looks like we can manage our costs
better in Hawaii.  Florida will be expensive for high season.
Doug – that sounds good to me, how about the last week in January.  When is
Matthew- ATIA is January 19 to 22
Janina- we should schedule enough days to get the work done even if it is a
week.  Does anyone else have suggestions?
-	No suggestions
Janina- Let’s make it the week of 24th to 28th of January in Hawaii.  Okay,
lets move to the two sections of the NSF proposal.   I sent out cleaned up
copy of them this morning.  There much going on with V2 and W3C and should
be mentioned in the Road Map.  Lets start with the Summary
Doug- you’ve rewritten the first paragraph.  Should we mention which experts
we’re inviting?
Janina- the stakeholders is a buzz word that encompasses all the groups
Bill – I don’t have a problem with not mentioning people in the first
paragraph since we have opportunity to do it later in the document.  The –
is very long, its 5 lines long.  How about: 
Access to computing platforms, we can qualify that later.

Janina- in the spirit of how much generalization to have.  The real focus of
the experts is making the software accessible for people with disabilities
and we should get that in.
Bill- there is too much in the sentence because it contains too many
compound and subordinate clauses.  Try to reduce the number of subordinate
clauses and reduce the number of times we say this AND that.
Janina- My approach is to get all the ideas in there and then work from
there, subtracting if needed.  I don’t have a problem with what your saying.
Bill – can we say- this is a meeting around standards to advance

Janina- we’ve got NSF’s need for Science, and ours for standards
Bill-  if we make it clear that it is a very specific, goal focused meeting,
we don’t have to cover all the specifics in this paragraph.  We can do that
further down.  If we can find the words for saying that it’s a hard-core
Janina- Sharon, why don’t you take a crack at editing the first paragraph.
Sharon- okay, I’ll send it out to the list.
Janina- anything on the remainder of the summary?
Matthew – you mention engineering work, should we say research and
engineering.  Since NSF wants research we should mention it.
Janina- the message is a little different; we’re trying to define the known
things that can be accomplished.  Then will work on the research areas in
the next section.
Bill- by listing the things that are know, we’re also determining what’s not

Janina- Okay, that makes sense.  That’s the kind of clarity I like.
Bill- are there too many justifications in section one?
Sandy- I like the detail 

Janina- the whole story needs to be there in the summary.  It will be the
page they open to.   We can have detail later as well; we’re not bound to a
page limit.
Sandy- Should we mention places where Unix is used that may be a barrier.
Janina- John – did you find statistics on usage of Unix in research
John – I haven’t yet.  I’ll look for it.
Sandy- I always think of the cost of accommodations.  Those are the sort of
general statement we aught to include to build our case.
Janina- it would be good to have numbers.  We can do that for costs.
Sandy- I’ll see if I can find some numbers on these.
Janina- major corporations are looking at cutting expenses but its also
important for people with very few resources.  Can participate in any number
of ways
Randy- I like the bullet about legal issues- 508 is good to include for NSF
Janina- regulations are also being adopted in other countries.
Christian- grep gaa foo  (burp)

Randy- in my comments about funding practically earlier, I didn’t want it to
sound like I wasn’t sensitive to the issues people have about coming to the
US.  I’ve been on a number of all day conference call and it can be
Janina- I’ve been on them too, I feel bad for the people in parts of world
where they are up all night on the conference call.

Janina- Well, I’m surprise there aren’t other comments, mostly the need
section. Sharon’s going to take a crack at the opening paragraph.  Lets try
to get a final draft we can get out to NSF this month.

John Goldthwaite
Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, Georgia Tech
john.goldthwaite at catea.org

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