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* __    Information on the location and probable date(s) of the meeting
and the method of announcement or invitation; 

The Archimedes Project at the University of Hawaii, Honolulu, has extended an invitation for us to hold our meeting at the University.

It is our strong desire to schedule this conference expiditiously. We now contemplate holding the conference during the week of January 19, 2005 in Honolulu, HI, at the University of Hawaii.

Participation in this conference will be by invitation. We will invite
technically conversant participation from industry, research
institutions, consumer organizations, and professional associations in
an effort to bring sufficient representation to achieve a consensus that
can both meet the need and be implemented within shipping products. We
will also invite interested individuals to request an invitation by
announcing this conference on targeted email lists and at our web site,

* __    Statement of how the meeting will be organized and conducted,
how the results of the meeting will be disseminated and how the meeting
will contribute to the enhancement and improvement of scientific,
engineering and/or educational activities; 

[how the meeting will be organized and conducted]

Since the purpose of our conference is the development of an engineering
agenda that can result in standards to support accessibility, our
organization will be fairly simple. We will develop a specific agenda of
issues and questions to be addressed in advance of the conference. The agenda will be published at the Accessibility Workgroup's web site at http://www.a11y.org.

The conference will be conducted by the conference chair, and all
breakout sessions by the team lead for each project area. We will hold
plenary sessions as well as break-out sessions for teams focussing on
particular areas.

[how the results of the meeting will be disseminated]

All discussions at the conference will be recorded in conference
minutes.  The minutes, together with a report of conclusions, identified
activities, tasks, deliverables and timelines will be published on the
Accessibility Workgroup's web page at http://www.a11y.org.

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