[Accessibility] Minutes FSB Accessibility meeting August 8, 2004

John Goldthwaite john.goldthwaite at catea.org
Wed Aug 4 13:13:23 PDT 2004

Accessibility Working Group Meeting Aug 4, 2004

John Goldthwaite
Peter Korn
George Kraft
Janina Sajka
Sharon Snider
Allen Wilson

Need to take down the minutes from our last meetings – none to approve

Georgia Kraft – very active in FSG, one of the FSG founders, Formally chair
of LSB.

Action items
– press release for Linux world.  Jeanie looking for it.  We’d like to put
together a short brochure- Janina and Sharon will work on editing.
- ping to Gregg Vanderheiden on the license for the XKB component that Earl
is working on.   We’ve asked the original developers at the Trace center for
clear legal authorization.  Gregg said it is at the lawyers being cleaned
up.  This is moving forward slowly.

Janina had an Email exchange with Carlos Velesco on GUADIC and Software
libre.  Janina asked Carlos about the history of IST projects and potential
funding from the EU.  We would like to see a European group working on this
but we need to see what role our group has in it.  We want the work to be
seeded and started but need to determine the degree we should be
participating and helping with writing a proposal.

Peter- put in a report at GUADIC, its in my blog- blogs.sun.com/korn (see

Janina- we did pretty extensive planning about what we’d like to have done.
George   -Open I18N wrote the libraries as they did the standards.  They did
the work on wide character support.  In absence of current code you need to
create some as a model for the standard.

Peter – talked to former Babel engineers.  Once we have funding mechanisms
we can match people to work.
Janina- should we have a teleconference?
Peter- Many companies involved in standardization are not completely
altruistic, they make money for tweeking and tuning.  They may have problems
taking part in a public meeting with their competitors.
- how do we prioritize what needs to be done?
Peter- look at several variables – what is low hanging fruit.  Who is ready
to do it.  How important is it in the general plan.  Had discussion of what
needs to be done in the Guadic meetomg.  That may be a good starting
pointing for planning.

Building blocks – open source text to speech in many languages, extend CMU
work to other languages.
Assistive Technology
Architecture support

Accessibility "to-do" list:
·	Building blocks:
o	Text-to-Speech in languages other than English
o	Finish Speech Recognition in English, extend to other languages

·	Assistive Technology:
o	Desktop dictation, voice command & control
o	Scripting in our screen reader
o	More functionality in our screen magnifier

·	Architecture support:
o	Accessible PDF
o	Accessible SVG (see this CSUN paper too)
o	Music apps
o	Accessible Flash
o	MathML accessibility

Helix player- More work needed to show the text programmatically on a
·	General:
o	KDE/Qt Accessibility shipping
o	Mozilla accessibility, Evolution accessibility finished   - needs lots of
o	Distro support
o	Grub UI accessibility
o	Accessible installer
o	I18n support
o	DAISY reader needs to be finished
o	Bookshare tools (in addition to the existing decoder binary)
o	Fix the conflicts with BrlTTY/SpeakUp/emacspeak console and Gnopernicus
o	Figure out the right way to do Mozilla-blind-screenreader access
o	Lots of testing & bug fixing!

Need work in various Distributions.  Don’t have an accessible installer.
There is an open source Daisy reader but it needs to be completed.   Need a
better high level solution for web access for the blind – should we be
working on Mozilla and Gnopernicus so they work better together?
This doesn’t include products for learning disabilities or next generation
products such as V2.

George – how much is being handled by FSG – I couldn’t find man pages on
Janina- we have a road map item to write some of the documentation.
Peter- I don’t know that we’re looking at any of the working blocks for
Janina- we have that in year 2-
Peter- maybe we can standardize on some of those earlier.
Janina- fine as long as its robust.  EU would be a logical place to work on
the language modules.  They have good reasons for doing this.

John – will do research on the funding sources for this and post on the A11y
site with Peter’s list of what needs to be done.
Peter- Trace is trying maintain the Linux accessibility resource page.  We
should have table of the TTS for languages – If groups want to work on their
Janina- Bill suggested that we create the tools for creating a TTS for a
Peter- if we have a page and contact list, we can facilitate people starting
efforts on languages.

Peter- We’re not going to do it all but we could put forward a priority
list.  When we’re talking about a world wide effort with a patch work
funding, its going to be like Open Source general – people will work on what
they feel is import.  Corporations will have their own priorities, if they
see important items that they need, they will funding.

Janina- if we can do some work on the scope of work, it will benefit the
Peter- to the extent we establish ourselves on authorities on the process,
we may get requests from funding agencies for comment on proposals.
Janina- I think so, that’s why NSF is interested in funding our planning
meeting.  Should we group these in other ways- Daisy and SMIL are related as
is a MathML.  We need to be sure the projects don’t have dependencies that
we can’t support under open source.  On time scoping, can we put some
approximate numbers on these.
Peter- that’s important but we need to make sure we’ve got the complete
Janina- we can bring this up during the Unix accessibility meeting.  That
will be important in reaching consensus.  KDE developer’s Unix accessibility
forum at the Aug.22, 23

We will have meeting again next week. August 11, 18:00 UTC

John Goldthwaite
Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, Georgia Tech
john.goldthwaite at catea.org

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