[Accessibility] Conference "To Do" List V.1

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Wed Dec 8 10:42:49 PST 2004

ToDo List

Papers Action Items

*Write Papers and send them to Sandy or George
*Set up directory structure on FSG site for conference archive
*Write directions for FTP to site.
*Contact local Braille production groups to ensure they will be available
*Update webpage as papers are submitted.
*Review conference materials for accessibility.  Do week of Jan 8-12.
*Submit reviewed papers to Braillers by Jan 13 
*Ensure that alternative format materials are delivered to attendees that request them.
*Produce diskettes of all printed materials that you produce so that they are on hand for immediate distribution.
*produce a conference packet to be handed out at the welcome reception or on Tuesday morning

Agenda Action Items

*Finalize agenda
*Confirm session presentors
*provide an emergency contact phone number for attendees
*make edits and updates to agenda table on website
*seek funding for welcome reception
*Confirm lunch speaker
*upload menus from Cafeteria, Ideta Spots, Zippys, Subway,Bob's Barbeque
*complete campus/near campus map accessibilty information 
Speakers Action Items
*Have conference presentors/attendees email Sandy or George Bio info to be included on the website
   Name, Affiliation, Photo, Topics of interest, Expertize
*add info to website

Travel Action Items
*add information as requested to travel page.
*attempt to get braille maps printed on mylar or hand produced
*complete maps and upload autocad versions.

General Conference Organizational Action Items

*week prior to each deadline, confirm with contact person
*Determine number of Lei's needed for each day
*order leis
*purchase lanyard materials, folders, floppies, cds
*print attendee laniard cards
*print conference materials
*create floppies or cd's of conference materials
*collate materials for attendees folders
*create a daily list of tasks for volunteers
*assign volunteer coordinator
*create braille labels for conference rooms, restrooms
*identify media contact person and area for interviews
*identify teleconferencing guru
*assign general IT overview support people

Media Action Items
*send press releases announcing event to UH pr contact for local media
*identify individuals who may want to speak to media

Local information Action Items
*update webpage

Contacts Action Items
*add contact information to web page

Teleconferencing Action Items
*locate suitable hardware
*install and test Flumotion
*identify and hire captioners
*integrate web streamer with HCC system
*identify phone call in numbers
*provide a list of clients for irc, media streaming on major platforms
*write a "how to install irc and media clients" for the the web page
*provide ip of streaming server
*test archiving of media streams, caption notes
*provide areas for new reports to be submitted during the conference
*write instructions for accessing daily archives

Contacts for creating alternative format materials in Hawaii

Dolphin Press
Betsy Whitney
Call toll free: 1-888-868-4717
Email: brailleit at hawaii.rr.com

Cost:  $0.20 per Braille page, plus $25.00/hr. editing and formatting. Additional costs for binding, business cards, scanning, graphics and layout, taping and tape duplication.

Turnover: 7 working days

Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
402 Kapahulu Avenue, Honolulu, HI  96815
Phone:  733-8444 (V/T); 733-8449 (Fax)
Email:  olbcirc at lib.state.hi.us

Cost:  $0.25 per Braille page (aprx 1.5 print pages).  

Turnover:  Depends on length of document and format (i.e. graphics, tables, etc.). Some documents take a week to transcribe, others a month.  Contact the Library as soon as possible for an estimate regarding your specific document.  Library also provides referral for reading/taping services.

				Janina Sajka, Chair
				Accessibility Workgroup
				Free Standards Group (FSG)

janina at freestandards.org	Phone: +1 202.494.7040

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