[Accessibility] draft minutes for Accessibility meeting 12/08/04

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Wed Dec 8 23:16:48 PST 2004


The notes say Earl was at this meeting, but I thought he was at an all-day 
meeting with me today, and specifically at 11am PT...


John Goldthwaite wrote:
> Accessibility meeting 12/08/04
> Harald Fernengel
> Sandy Gabrielli
> John Goldthwaite
> Bill Haneman
> Earl Johnson
> George Kraft
> Janina Sajka
> Gunnar Schmidt
> Deedra Waters
> Matthew Wilcox
> Minutes:  12/01 spell Guadic correctly - minutes approved with that
> correction.
> Action items:
> IP question with U. Wisconsin, scheduled call with Dr. Vanderheiden this
> afternoon.
> Much going on with the conference,
> Janina is installing Flu-motion server, will take another week to test
> Janina- agenda group met and worked with Bill’s suggested schedule.  We want
> to look at the agenda for conflicts for people and teleconference sessions.
> Sandy sent a to do list.  Earl suggested that we go through and assign
> owners.  Some items may not be needed for example, should not need Braille
> versions of all position papers.  Attendees will probably prefer electronic
> version.  Proofing Braille is a pretty big job.
> Sandy- Sandy and Janina have made plans for food and transportation.  Papers
> need to be done early so we can post them on the website.  Check the to do
> items and see if you agree with them all.  We have local volunteers for many
> of the to do items.
> Janina- [drop off]
> Sandy- my daughter is due to have a baby on January 14th so I may not be at
> part of the meeting.
> Janina- financial items, we will be working on getting the funds from NSF.
> We can make the request on line so there shouldn’t be a delay.  They have
> asked that we not get the funds until we need to be disbursing them but we
> do have some things we need to pay.   Financial committee- Janina, John G.
> and Janet at FSG.  We will bring major financial decisions back to the full
> group.  If we have any decisions on who to provide travel for, will come
> back to the group.  At present, it doesn’t look like we will have any
> problems.  Lets go through the list of secondary attendees.  –assigned most
> of list to Janina
> Lets look at the agenda and see where we might have time conflicts for key
> people.
> Sandy-  disregard the note at the top about shifting things forward a half
> hour.
> Janina- that is due to staffing issues at the site.
> Bill- On I/O, I don’t understand the inclusion of Gnopericus under I/O.  I
> thought I/O was going to be more specific and just about shared I/O.
> Janina- I think you’re right, it should be Gnome speech and Braille.  We
> will remove Gnopernicus
> Sandy- I just noticed that we did not include the Tuesday.  I’ll post it
> again.
> Janina- the reason that there are two I/O sessions is that the Braille
> people are not interested in speech and vice versa so I though the Braille
> and speech people could work as separate meetings and get more done.
> Bill- what is the goal the Braille group?
> Janina-
> Bill- Lib Braille and Braille tty are two different libraries so they would
> have to work on combining them.
> Janina- if the user is sitting in Gnopernicus and there is a request for the
> Braille device.
> Bill- that is a matter of contention for the Braille device.  That makes
> more sense than combining the libraries.  If there is no intersection
> between these two groups that make sense.
> Janina- we shouldn’t care about what underlying library people are using.
> We want to get started on this and they can think about merging libraries
> later.
> Bill- if we are talking about futures for Braille, I’d like to attend that
> meeting.
> Janina- that is one basis for identifying some of the future discussion
> issues.
> Bill- the futures discussion could be moved to later in the week.  The other
> question, on Thursday, it looks like the output of V2 and I/O groups are
> swapped..  This schedules postpones that
> Janina- because I/O hasn’t really started we won’t have a lot to report
> Sandy- We scheduled V2 early because some of the speakers might want to
> discuss it later in the conference
> Janina- also politically, I didn’t want to put V2 off until the end.
> Bill- that makes sense
> Janina- our V2 technical presentation may be from a remote location.  The
> person may be 12 hours away in Europe so we were trying to put it early in
> the day so that it is not too late for them.  I like the idea that AT-SPI is
> such a big item, the focus on
> Bill- are there any key players that will be teleconferencing for the
> Janina- I believe all the people needed will be at the conference.
> Bill- that’s a different issue from what we are doing now.
> Janina- want to look at longer term
> Bill -  one of the people I’d like to have involved in the AT-SPI is Havek
> Pennington.
> Janina- I agree, maybe you and Harrald can talk with Havek about attending.
> Bill- in the second breakout on Thursday there is interfacing with audio
> servers from speech. I thought that is part of the earlier speech
> discussion.
> Janina-  depends on how they are going to approach TT-API.  They need to
> make some progress on understanding each other.  Benefit from sending up
> stream to
> Bill- we have a conflict because it is important that I take part in both
> the magnification and the speech sessions.  There are plenty of people that
> can talk about audio servers so I don’t need to be there.
> Janina-  good point.  That’s what I want to get at, everyone needs to look
> at what they really want to attend and make sure we don’t have conflicts.
> Marc Mulcany has asked that their group begin discussions before hand.   I
> sent a message to Olaf about preparation for the meeting.  Can the people
> interested in tts have a couple of calls before the conference to begin?  I’
> ll resend it.
> Gunnar- I will check to see if he received it.
> Bill- pre-meetings are a great idea.  That could reduce the need to be at as
> many of the meetings.  People would have a better idea of what the others
> are talking about
> Janina- should we say that is something we should recommend to all the
> groups?
> We want them to have position papers and documents posted.  Pre-meetings
> would get those going.
> Janina- we need to look at the time translation for people using the
> teleconference and make sure they are not too early or late.  It looks like
> we are moving toward a final agenda.
> Sandy- if we set up on the FSG archive site that we set up a structure that
> parallels the agenda so that people can post documents.
> George- I was going to make symbolic links from the agenda to the site.
> Hoping people will be sending their powerpoint presentations.
> Bill- this is a working group so we should be creating content rather than
> reading papers.
> George- I thought we would have presentations about the current state of
> each item.  I don’t think everyone will have a presentation.
> Sandy- should we have an outline of what is going to be accomplished in each
> section.
> Janina- I think that is what I’m talking about in terms of uploaded
> documents.  If someone is posting an outline and other people can see it and
> prepare responses.
> George- will we have time for people to read position papers?
> Janina- there are a couple of topics where I’d like to do that and I think
> there are a couple of other people as well.
> George- could you send out a list of position papers that need to schedule.
> Deedra- a question- the to do says provide a list of IRC streaming clients,
> I can take the IRC section.
> Sandy- so we don’t need to have everything in Braille?
> Janina- we should have the agenda in Braille but the content should be in
> electronic form.  People should be able to Braille the items they need ahead
> of time.   Do we have coverage for attendant support?   Have we surveyed for
> wheelchair access? We need to have higher tables for some of the
> wheelchairs.
> Sandy-  Should we have information about each attendee?  Does anyone have a
> Braille embosser that can make maps?   May need 8 copies of the maps.
> Deedra- I’ll see if we can do that.
> Janina- okay- thank you,  this was a useful session.  We’ll meet again next
> week and on the 22nd.
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