[Accessibility] Draft Minutes 22 December 2004 Accessibility Call

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Sat Dec 25 09:54:35 PST 2004

Hi Doug,

It's "Marc Mulcahy" (he's not any more Irish than that...).



Doug Beattie wrote:
> Accessibility Conference Call Minutes 22 December, 2004
> Attendees: East to West -
> Gunnar Schmidt
> Matthew Wilcox (Willy)
> Janina Sajka
> Kris Van Hees
> Doug Beattie
> Earl Johnson
> Sandy Gabrielli
> Posted Agenda:
> 1. Welcome and Agenda Review
> ***     Request a scribe for today's call. ***
>         Doug acted as scribe.
> 2. Review of minutes
>         No objections - Approved as posted.
> 3. Action Item Review
>         Janina continuing to work with FSG (Janet) and NSF to get the
>         funds so we can lock in flight costs. Still working on this.
>         No funds actually available yet.
>         John will track funding a payouts to report back to NSF.
>         Some may be electronic funds transfer to travel agents from
>         FSF. Other may be reimbursements after the travel. Some may
>         not have the float to do this and may need to receive funds
>         prior to traveling.
>         Brief progress reports for open items
> 4.      Old Business
>         January Workshop Preparation:
>         Hawaii Conference -
>         Those in HI have gotten flumotion up and running, but the
>         system doesn't have sound or video cards for it (64 bit).
>         Need PCIX card. Willy says PCIXpress is not compatible but
>         that if it is not pure, but PCIX, we could use a PCI card.
>         Sandy should look into this.
>         George has the web site up with the info.
>         Phone conferencing looks to be okay, but not fully tested
>         because of lack of time so far.
>         Invitee funding decisions
>         We have about five more people who would like to attend if
>         they were paid for than what we have funds for.
>         Gunnar, his brother, Janina, four developers from Czech,
>         should  be approved along with another ten people.
>         Janina suggests letting these people know to book and
>         then be reimbursed and telling the others they are on hold.
>         Kris asked this be done as soon as possible so the people
>         on hold, that later may be able to go, will not have higher
>         travel costs.
>         Earl proposed to reduce the time, Janina would make the list
>         and inform people who will be coming. Janina will send out
>         information as to who has been invited and who has been put
>         on hold.
>         No one opposed Earl's motion.
>         Agenda tweaks -- Braille vs. V2
>         Bill LaPlant will not be able to travel to the face to face.
>         Janina suggested moving V2 to the end of the week and having
>         Braille up front. We still need to look at V2, but with Bill
>         not in attendance it will be more for information sharing at
>         the end of the conference. It still needs to be more widely
>         adopted. Gottfried Zimmerman may be doing a remote video
>         presentation for us on this too.
>         We will wait to get others back before we finish this
>         discussion about where the Braille gets placed. This will
>         be fine tuning only to the agenda. We should still publish
>         what we currently have for people to review.
>         Agenda: Moderators for Sessions
>         Janina would like to put people names to all the sessions,
>         even for those not on the call. There needs to be an owner
>         of even the breakouts so all will be prepared.
>         Tuesday - okay - owner for every session.
>         Wednesday -
>          I/O: Review candidate APIs, requirements
>           Janina will get one of two possible people take over.
>          AT-SPI: brainstorming regarding dependencies/validation
>           Bill to pass this to someone of his choice at his option.
>          I/O: speech audio; console / terminal environment
>           Marc McMulcahey
>         Thursday -
>          V2: Intro/discussion/response
>           Janina, until she reassigns this to someone else.
>          BIOS, Kernel
>           Proposed to have Willy, but we will need to move the
>           breakouts to the 10:15 time and the V2 to the 13:00 time.
>          XServer, Remote Access
>           Peter Korn (for now.)
>          I/O: Magnification
>           Bill Haneman (unless he passes this to Peter.)
>          Speech: API for TTS
>           Marc McMulcahey
>          Logistics: resourcing, creating specs, planning
>           George Kraft
>          I/O: Magnification continued
>           Bill Haneman (unless he passes this to Peter.)
>          Speech: Interfacing with Audio Servers
>           Marc McMulcahey
>          Logistics: resourcing, creating specs, planning continued
>           George Kraft
>         Friday -
>          I/O: braille TTY, lib braille
>           Janina Sajka
>          Future issues / what's missing
>           Neil Scott
>          I/O: Outcome of breakout groups, speech/audio/braille, 2005 roadmap
>           Janina Sajka
>          Summary / 2005 Roadmap
>           Janina Sajka
>         Agenda: Call for Papers
>         In the past George has said:
>         "To upload your presentations for the upcoming FSG Accessibility
>          Workshop, then FTP to ftp://ftp.freestandards.org then put you
>          files in the incoming/a11y directory."
>         and
>         "Alternatively, you could upload you presentation via the GForge
>          Documentation Manager.
>          http://gforge.freestandards.org/docman/index.php?group_id=19
>          I believe you would need to create yourself an FSG account, then
>          email me your ID so that I can add you to the "accessibility"
>          project.
>          http://gforge.freestandards.org/account/register.php"
> 5. New Business
>         George suggested in a previous meeting we consider meeting
>         again at the Ottowa Linux Symposium (OLS) in July. This could
>         be a followup to the January meeting. We should start thinking
>         about getting this on our schedules. (It would be good to have
>         breakout sessions, but possibly a general session to get with
>         the general community.) Willy suggested booking something as a
>         BOF. Willy has taken the action to take charge of this and
>         schedule for us once the group decides what it would like to do.
> 6. Identify key items for the next agenda.
>    Our next meeting is Wednesday, January 5, 2005.
> 7. Adjourn
> (Please reply to the list with corrections as required.)
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